Motherhood Isn’t Easy, But It Sure Is Rewarding!

motherhood isn't easy but it's rewarding

Photo Credit: Energy’s Spot

We all have bad days, we all have moments of mass emotional explosions, we all need time to ourselves. The little ones don’t always understand that.

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A Mother’s Treat

I had the best mother’s day ever – yes granted that this is only my third one, it was pretty amazing.

Words can not describe how awesome it was. From start to finish. I decided to document the day!

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Explaining Good Bye


Photo Credit: Two Shadows via PhotoPin

My 2 year old daughter caught me crying one night. She grabbed my leg, squeezed it and held tight. “It’s alright Mommy, it’s alright”. Her voice was so concerned, yet soft and soothing. She didn’t know why I was crying, she just held my leg and stroked it so lovingly and gentle. As I do to her when she cries.

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