August Product of the Month

Liquid Sunshine for Face_facebook_image

Photo Credit: Arbonne

Ah Summer! I am having a blast this summer with my family. Lots of beach time, lots of parks and water parks. LOTS of sunshine. And while I love that beautiful golden sun of ours, I have always been worried about what it’s doing to my skin! I do consider myself a bit of a sun goddess, I worry no more. No more inconvenient sunburns.

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Birthday Extravaganza

Birthdays always make me feel so loved! Though they have changed over the years.

When you are 22 years old, it’s a big deal. You invite everyone, and their sister, out for cocktails at a fancy hotel bar, then you move to a late dinner and then you dance until the sun comes up. You are dressed to impress and you dance like no one is looking!

This year my birthday was a little different. No fancy hotel bars, no 20 plus people, no dancing until the sun comes up. Drew took me out for dinner and it was delightful. I got to get all dressed up, lipstick and everything, I even got to eat with two hands and no baby  garbing food off my plate. It was amazing. I forgot what a grown up conversation was like. No screaming. No food flying across the table. No little fingers creeping across the plate. That in its self was the best present a Mum could get.

The following day the whole family got together for lunch and cake.

Home made cake by my Mama

Homemade cake by my Mama

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