So Many Firsts


A family that runs together, stays together!

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10 Tips When Running With A Double Stroller

double stroller kids mt buggy

If you’re like me, you run when you can. I run with a 2008 Mountain Buggy Stroller (which I absolutley love by the way). It’s a work out to just get the kids bundled up and into the stroller. It’s a bonus if they are still happy and willing to go.

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Diamonds…I’ll Run For Diamonds

The day was a beautiful West Coast day. Cloudy and threating to rain. The mountains seemed so welcoming, yet you knew you shouldn’t hug it right away. The terrain wasn’t going to go easy on us, it was going to make us work for that finish line. It was the 1st ever Diamond Dash up at The Westin Bear Mountain Resort.

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A Mother’s Love

I was driving home from work the other and I was thinking about the time that I ran the Whistler Half Marathon. My Mom and Step Dad came out with us. I was really nervous for many reasons, but the main reason was because this was the first half marathon that I was running alone. I usually had my cousins or my running buddy with me… I was flying solo… or so I thought.

Whistler Half Marathon 2011

Whistler Half Marathon 2011 – Loved the encouraging signs.

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