Hey! Kindness Is Free!

kindness and confetti

I took my daughter to our neighbourhood indoor play structure one afternoon. It was still early, so most of the other kids were in school or daycare still. It was sort of nice to have the place to our selves. She ran around, no lines for the slide, no one racing for the side and ending in a head on collision. Though running around alone quickly became boring.

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She Made Me Laugh


I was picking up my daughter from daycare one afternoon. It had been a particularly challenging day at work. Emotions flying high. Discomfort. All I wanted to do was sit on my butt for 20 minutes, but I knew I had to go home and get dinner started and tidy from the night before and laundry needed to be put away before bedtime.

My daughter and her best friend were in a very giggly mood, which tends to rub off on me. It was the same today. They made me smile but that acted as more encouragement for them to continue to be kids and be happy and goofy.

Time came to get in the car seat.

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