Put Into Prospective

put into prospective3

Do you ever have those moments in life where you question everything? You question if the choices you’re making are the right ones? The things you tell your kids, and then do they grasp a bit of what you’ve explained. You question career choices, the food you bought, the shoes you’re wearing. I mean EVERYTHING. You question your fears and worries, are they stupid? Then you question if you should be worrying over your fears and worries… yes, I am currently there. Silly all of it I know, yet, I still do it.

I have these moments all the time. I am having them frequently in this current moment in my life. I think it’s because my maternity leave is coming to an end.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…


Photo Credit: Overstock via Google

My daughter had gotten out of bed for the 4th time that evening. She thought it was a game. How far down the hallway can I make it before Mum or Dad sees me? Then when they do, how fast can I run back to my room before they catch me? This is an ‘game’ we play EVERY DAY!

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I See Public Washrooms As A Spa

i see a public washroom like a spa

Photo Credit: Blueberry Vodka Soap

You may see a public washroom as just another washroom or a gross, germ infested place where you want to scrub yourself after, but not me!

When we go out for a family dinner, which let me tell you, is not often, I will go to the washroom. Alone. And I will take my sweet time. Some may think that I’m clearing out my colon. They would be wrong. I’m enjoying what use to be normalcy in my life.

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Exactly Where I Needed To Be

1you are exactly where you need to be

My first yoga class back, post kid was AMAZING!

What a freeing outing this was.

No diapers or sticky hands. No yelling of any kind, or crying. There was no, “Mum! Mum! Mum!”.

I was in a calming, adult environment. I could feel the muscles relaxing just walking in the door. I could feel part of my old self returning to the present me. I could feel happiness entering my soul.

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