Dear Son Of Mine,


Dear Son of Mine, on his first birthday!

We have made it a year! You are one and you are such a happy, handsome, goofy, kind little boy. Happy Birthday!

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Motherhood Isn’t Easy, But It Sure Is Rewarding!

motherhood isn't easy but it's rewarding

Photo Credit: Energy’s Spot

We all have bad days, we all have moments of mass emotional explosions, we all need time to ourselves. The little ones don’t always understand that.

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Dining Alone, It Wasn’t So Bad

My husband is a master at dining alone. He has no problems doing so. He travels for a living so I suppose you’d have to get use to eating alone. He is always telling me about his experiences and the people he interacts with and I’m jealous. He gets to have these amazing adventures. I remember one adventure he had in, I believe San Francisco, he walked into a restaurant/pub type establishment, sat down and opened his laptop. Well, he had the most amazing service ever. They thought he was a Food Critic. I thought, damn, I want to try that. So I did. I ventured out on my Mother’s Day Getaway Gift and I dined alone.

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Diamonds…I’ll Run For Diamonds

The day was a beautiful West Coast day. Cloudy and threating to rain. The mountains seemed so welcoming, yet you knew you shouldn’t hug it right away. The terrain wasn’t going to go easy on us, it was going to make us work for that finish line. It was the 1st ever Diamond Dash up at The Westin Bear Mountain Resort.

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