The Places You Will Go

Cat in The Hat

When I ask my daughter what book she wants to read, she hands me “The Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss. We have read this book many, many times. She really enjoys it and I think of something new I want to teach her every time I read it. Don’t take your self too serious in ever situation. Always be kind to others. Travel. Never be ashamed of your interests. I know a few adults that should read this book. It’s an excellent reminder that life happens and it doesn’t always go the way you though it would, or think it should.

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55% Doesn’t Make The Stress Go Away…

While I am very much looking forward to going on maternity leave and spending a whole year with my kids, I am extremely stressed out about it. I’m not stressed out nap time, the crying, the being a slave to the schedule for the first few months. That I can handle. That I expect. It’s the losing 45% of my income that stresses me out. Just because I am going on maternity leave, doesn’t mean the bills stop coming in.

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