Say It Sunday – Everyone has a Chapter They Don’t Read

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Say It Sunday – Making Memories

Short List

Isn’t this the truth.

I would rather watch my kids open presents. See the wonder as they look at the Christmas tree lights. Listen to them talk to Santa. Help them name all the reindeer. Watch Scarlett pick the marshmallows out of my hot chocolate.

There are so many things better physical presents, things that no one could ever purchase in a store.

Christmas really is much better with kids.

xoxo Ashley
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Vacation, Strike that Family Vacation – A Whole New Meaning

Here I am sitting in front of a peaceful, quiet lake. It’s beautiful. It’s refreshing. There is no rush to go anywhere, no real ‘need’ to do anything. You can sit for hours and read, or knit or just stare off in to the beauty that lays before you. You can have a delicious non-alcoholic beer and the world is just as it should be. Ahh yes, the sense of vacation.

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Traditions Start Out Of Thin Air

Christmas time is such a wonderful time of year! People are so happy. Everyone just wants to be merry. It’s when memories are made and laughter fills homes. The past is the past and the future is the future.

My family has started there own tradition it seems. They seem to happen when you’re not looking.

1. Butchart Garden – When I was pregnant, the traditions start. Drew and I bundled up and we went walking through Butchart Gardens. Its such a peaceful place. The lights. The trees. The gardens. It’s such a wonder. It’s not even about the lights, its about spending time with your loved ones and making memories.

Giant Christmas tree at Butchard Gardens

Giant Christmas tree at Butchart Gardens

This year was especially special for me, Scarlett was walking through the gardens and would stop and just look at the lights with an extremely large grin on her face. Then we found the beautiful carousel, Scarlett ran up to it and said ‘please’. Her and Daddy hopped on. Every time she passed me, I heard “weeeee”. She was so excited.

At the end of the gardens, there were a few brass instruments playing Christmas carols. Leave it to my kid to hop up, run to the front and start dancing. They gave her some jingle bells to shake.

2. Give Back – When I was younger, my Dad would take me to what I called the ‘giving’ tree. We would get to pick a tag or two. We’d get some hot chocolate and go to the mall and pick out an item for the boys and girl. We’d go home wrapped them up, put a bow on it and drop off the gift in the present bin. I loved doing this with my Dad.

I figure there is no time like the present. This year Scarlett and I went and picked a tag off the tree. Scarlett picked the tag and off we went. I was so proud of her, I know she doesn’t fully understand the whole concept yet, but she will. Scarlett picked out a very pretty dress (at the tags request). She was so happy. Smiling, jumping up and down.

Family traditions are strong and they carry over.

The look of wonder!

The look of wonder!

3. Christmas movie – The three of us snuggled up with some snacks and Scarlett in her PJ’s and we watch a Christmas movie. I must remember tissues because it seems that I always cry now. Even when we watch the Grinch.

All ready and snuggled in for a movie

All ready and snuggled in for a movie

4. Baking – This is such a fun way to spend the day with family members. Scarlett is a pro at stirring and banging on the bowls. Aunties. GG’s Uncles. Daddy’s. Papa’s. The whole crew of people. Everyone has a job, from actually baking to tasting to drying the dishes. Then we package the goodies up and our friends can enjoy yummy treats. It’s quality family time and hand made gifts. It’s not about what you’re giving but the time spent doing it.

She had never seen ice rink before.

She had never seen ice rink before.

5. Christmas Eve Book  – This is a tradition that has been going on since I was a wee babe. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ was the book of choice. Then somewhere we added the Polar Express. The first Christmas I was pregnant with Scarlett my Mum bought me my own copy of the Polar Express to read to Scarlett. So on Christmas Eve we snuggle up before bed and read the Polar Express.


I’d love to hear about your family traditions.

Merry Christmas!