Reconnected, Vegas & Tiësto


I recently took a trip to Las Vegas (if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen snippets of my trip). Vegas has been on my bucket list for years. I have booked hotels a couple times and never gotten down there for various reasons. Work came up. Babies. Weddings. There was always something more important than a trip. But I finally got down there! FINALLY! It met every expectation and blew my mind on others.

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R&R at a B&B

R&R at a B&B 1

Being a Mum of two kids, under the age of 3, sometimes you don’t get to hear your own thoughts. You forget to drink water for 3 days and you can’t figure out why you feel like you’re shutting down. You sometimes even scream and no one hears you. You put your needs (showering, eating, sleeping, etc) aside so that your kids can have your attention. You don’t always take care of you and you wonder if anyone notices. Do they realize that I just spent 6 hours making these bubbles stations, and all these fun outdoor actives together? Do they realize that I only slept for 4 hours last night and I”m running on fumes? Do they realize that I need a break?

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Keeping Up

I have been having a hard time keeping up with life. Keeping up with two kids, the house and also trying to have some sort of social life, outside of kids. It’s a lot, it may not sound like a lot but it is. Kids in it’s self is like having 2 full times jobs. But trying to have a social life is worth it to keep my sanity in check.

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Doing Something For Me

Lately, I feel like I’ve been living Groundhog Day. Same thing day in and day out. Breakfast demands happen on que, temper tantrum same time and over the same thing. Same activities, same Bat place, same Bat time!

Life, for me, if becoming a little predictable. I am no means complaining because I am loving life. I am watching my kids grow up, how many people get that opportunity? Not many. I just need a little something different, something to shake things up. I need to do something for myself.

So, I did something about it.

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