Still Learning

I have always been independent. I think my first full sentence was “I can do it myself”. I am stubborn when it comes to asking for help and accepting it, feel free to check with my husband if you don’t believe me.

I can do it all. I’m Super Ashley, as 4 years ago, I upgraded to SuperMum. If there is a list of 50 things, I’ve got it covered. I will stress out and be all crazy BUT I get the list done… Seems crazy right?

Cause it is.

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Say It Sunday – Jerry Seinfeld


Oh how true this is. I am starting to realize this now. If I leave something ‘new’ out for Scarlett, in no time has she made a mess of it. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, she is exploring, but my goodness, some days I feel like I should just cover everything in newspaper or plastic to make the clean up that much easier.

I am a knitter. I left a ball of wool on the chair. I got up to get the dog, who was outside wanting in, I wasn’t even out of eye sight from Scarlett. I was away from the chair for maybe 45 seconds. BAM! Tangled in wool. It was rather entertaining. She was loving it. I helped get the wool off of her and do you know what she did, she started to make it a ball again. Smart kid.

xoxo Ashley