31 Cents, a Coffee & a Kind Stranger


I have had an income since I was 13. I have had a pay cheque, my own bank account and never relied on anyone else for money. Finances/money one of those topics you don’t share with others, it’s taboo.

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Hey! Kindness Is Free!

kindness and confetti

I took my daughter to our neighbourhood indoor play structure one afternoon. It was still early, so most of the other kids were in school or daycare still. It was sort of nice to have the place to our selves. She ran around, no lines for the slide, no one racing for the side and ending in a head on collision. Though running around alone quickly became boring.

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Top 10 Things To Say To A Person

I feel like every time I am cruising through Facebook, or flipping through some blogs there are all these articles about “Things Not to Say to Working Mums”, “Things Not to say to Stay at Home Mums”, “Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Women”etc, etc. You get the point. All these things not to say to Mums. Lets try a new approach. Let try just talking nicely to one another, let’s have no judgment, no criticism , no snide remarks, just a pleasant, real conversation.

photo credit: DesignsbyMaggieL via photopin

photo credit: DesignsbyMaggieL via Pintrest

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