Happy Gobble Gobble


Up here in the Great White North, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving! Turkey, turkey, ham! October is such a beautiful month ❤


Us in our natural state.

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Guest Post – Ashely Blodgett – How To Get Your Kids Involved In The Holidays Frenzy

Today we have Ashley from Anything Or Everything From Ashley.

Sometimes we need a little helping getting through the holidays with our kids, sometimes we want our kids to be more engage. Get into the spirt. Anything Or Everything From Ashley has an awesome tips and tricks to making all holidays family holidays.

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“Did You Know” Christmas Edition – December 18

Did you know…

In New Zealand because Christmas is in the summer time, friends and family gather round a barbecue. Typical Christmas meals include roast lamb, sometimes cooked in a ‘hangi’ – an underground pit or earth oven. A favorite dessert is pavolva: meringue covered in fresh fruit like strawberries and kiwifruit.

xoxo Ashley