Say It Sunday – Lift You Higher


say it sunday lift you highter

Photo Credit: Arbonne Instagram via Pintrest

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Exactly Where I Needed To Be

1you are exactly where you need to be

My first yoga class back, post kid was AMAZING!

What a freeing outing this was.

No diapers or sticky hands. No yelling of any kind, or crying. There was no, “Mum! Mum! Mum!”.

I was in a calming, adult environment. I could feel the muscles relaxing just walking in the door. I could feel part of my old self returning to the present me. I could feel happiness entering my soul.

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Say It Sunday – Enjoy The Good


When I saw this, I laughed because I am worry wart. I will worry about everything that hasn’t happened. Therefore, I miss out on the exciting happy events. Becoming a Mum, I worry more but not in the same way. I find that I let go of the ‘what ifs’ and am enjoying more of being in the moment.

This is a nice reminder to enjoy life. Yes there are bad things in the world, thats what makes the good moments so wonderful!

xoxo Ashley