Dear Son Of Mine,


Dear Son of Mine, on his first birthday!

We have made it a year! You are one and you are such a happy, handsome, goofy, kind little boy. Happy Birthday!

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Preschool for Parents?

Confessions Fall Preschool for Paretns

Photo Credit: Mackinaw City via Google

This September is full of firsts for our family. Positive, new, scary and exciting. Even though September is the ninth month of the year, it has always represented a ‘new year’ for me – even more so than January. There are so many things to look forward too. September represents routine, new adventures, new starts, cooler weather (yay), scarfs and family. For us now, we get to add school, well in our case preschool.

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Most Imporant 21.1KM

Most Important 21.1KM

I found myself trying to write a post for today and ever time I sat down, one of the kids needed my attention, the dog wanted out or I couldn’t think of a thing to write due to the fact that my brain was fried. All I can think of is lunch menus and running routines. So I went for a run!

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Planning a First Birthday


When I think of a kids birthday party, I think of balloons, games, those silly little hats, laughter, family and friends! Great, seems very achievable. I started to plan Scarlett’s birthday and felt a little overwhelmed. You want it to be just right, you want it to be fun and memorable but where do you start?

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