The Truth is Still Inconvenient

This post is a little different from what I usually write about. OK, it’s a lot different. This topic is something that has hit home for me though, something I feel very strongly about. I am not trying to tell anyone what to think. I am sharing my understand on the situation based on facts from the documentry ‘Before the Flood’. Any negative comments will be deleted, as this post is coming from a scared yet positive place. I am not interested in a debat on climate science. Thank you inadvance and enjoy.

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When I Grow Up!


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I want to do a million and one things. Things that I could have done when I was younger, but knowing what I know now, I would not have appreciated them. I wouldn’t have experienced them the way that I want to know.

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The Places You Will Go

Cat in The Hat

When I ask my daughter what book she wants to read, she hands me “The Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss. We have read this book many, many times. She really enjoys it and I think of something new I want to teach her every time I read it. Don’t take your self too serious in ever situation. Always be kind to others. Travel. Never be ashamed of your interests. I know a few adults that should read this book. It’s an excellent reminder that life happens and it doesn’t always go the way you though it would, or think it should.

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[REVIEW] – That’s Fancy For #FancyNancy


I found that I had a moment to myself in the mall. I know weird right!? But the stars aligned and I was alone. OK, maybe I wandered off while Scarlett was playing at the indoor structure with her Dad. None the less. I had a mini vacation going on, so I wandered into the book store.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but  as I was perusing (that’s fancy for looking) the shelves at the bookstore I found an interesting book for Scarlett. Fancy Nancy. Scarlett loves books. She sits a if she is interested enough, will spend up to an hour!!!! reading it herself.  

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Reading is a Gift

I am a huge advocate of reading. I think books are the best gift you can give yourself.

Whether it’s fiction, non fiction, biography, self help, history, poetry or what ever peaks your interest, reading is a gift.  It’s something many people take for granted. Did you know that  only 84% of the world can read. Just think about that for a moment. The world population is 7,174,611,584 so if only 84% of people aged 15 and up can read that leaves 775 million who can not. This is a big number. This blows my mind.

Could you imagine if you couldn’t read? You wouldn’t be reading this right now.

It’s 2015. How is it that 775 million people can not read (or write)? I understand that there are

cultures out there who have never seen electricity or people other than those who live in their own village. But for those who live in cities and the modern world. How did they slip through the cracks? How is it that as a human society, we’ve let this happen? I know there are many different factors but still, how?

I was pondering over this as I was reading a book to my daughter. Well actually it started before this particular afternoon.

My daughter’s Nanu doesn’t live in the same province as us but he never misses sending her a birthday card filled with love, or a Christmas gift covered with joy. He always sends her a gift card to buy books!


I personally get super excited when we go to the bookstore, I don’t know what it is but it’s such a peaceful, yet exhilarating place. You have no worries, no problems, just books!

My husband and I (as I’m sure you have read) have been going through the adventures of the toddler bed. One thing we find that really helps is reading to Scarlett as she’s laying bed. After her two books that she picks out. We’ll put her in bed. If she still isn’t quite there, we’ll turn off the lights and read to her. I was reading Chicken Soup for the Working Mother’s Soul. My husband was reading science articles to her.

Well I had this brilliant idea. I was going to read her Charlotte’s Web. This was the first book my Mum and I read together (that I remember).  We read this book so many times. I can remember falling asleep to the sound of her voice.  The book was so well loved and read. I remember tape holding the spine together.

You guessed it. We bought our own copy of Charlotte’s Web. I picked up the book, I remember it being HUGE and would take us forever to get through a chapter. None the less, I showed Scarlett the book. She excitedly yelled, “PIG”. I assumed she was approving the book.

It’s not only important to read out loud but to hear people read to you. Sometimes, my husband will read an interesting article to me as I lay in bed and drift to sleep.

My husband and I picked out some other classics that we loved as kids and felt she would enjoy too, not only to listen to right now but as she grows in to reading independently – King Arthur (which I have never personally read), Alice in Wonderland, and the sequel, Through The Looking Glass and one of my favorites Robin Hood.
It really makes me sad that some people go through their whole life not being able to read. The world would be so small and lonely. I am just grateful that I can read, and my daughter will be able to as well.

xoxo Ashley

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