Dinner Time Fun

My husband has been away sailing the ocean blue. Scarlett and I have adjusted to a new routine. Lot of snuggles and cuddles. We’ve even adapted a new dinner time routine.

photo credit: jdhancock via photopin

photo credit: jdhancock via photopin

How it usually works is, Drew makes dinner and I entertain (occupy) Scarlett. Things just get done a lot faster. Well now that I am making dinner (slow cooker is my saving grace here) it’s challenging to say the least.

Up! Up!*tug tug on my leg.

Try explaining to a 16 month old why you can’t hold her and get dinner ready at the same time.

Hot! Hot! Yes Scarlett it’s hot. Coffee! No sweetie it’s not coffee. (Can you tell I drink hot coffee).

I brought in a little chair, a book and a toy for her. She now sits in the chair, reads her book to her doll. PERFECT! … for about 3 minutes.

It’s amazing what you get done in such a short period of time. OK she is occupied. I can brush my teeth and my hair at the same time or OK turn this on to start and chop this next. You really have to be organized.

As of late my sweet little daughter has taken to throwing her dinner on the floor. The dog loves it, I however, do not.

One evening, I’m down on the flooring cleaning up Scarlett’s dinner and I look up and the little monkey is eating off of my plate. I let this happen, her dinner was on the floor. The next time the same thing (minus dinner on the floor). Huh, interesting. Apparently food off of Mommy’s plate taste better. OK. Now I fix her dinner on my plate, casually put that part of the plate in her direction and BAM. She’s eating.

Funny how kids’ minds work.

I think I am getting the hang of being Mom and Dad. Though I must say we can’t wait until Daddy comes home.

How do you get through dinner with your wee one(s)?

xoxo Ashley