My Daughter is a Princess & I Encourage Her To Be

Being a princess isn’t a bad thing.

As adults we tend to think princesses are stuck up, snobbish divas, who have servants who wait on them hand and foot.  Don’t know how to boil water. They don’t wake up until 1:00 pm. They care more about there clothes and how shiny there tiaras are.

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Just Call Me Auntie Ashley

crazy aunt

I am going to be an Aunt in a 135 days. Yup, there will be another sweet bundle of joy joining our family.

I always knew I would be an Aunt one day! My sister is such an amazing person and she has always loved kids, so it was no question that she would one day be a Mother.  Me, not so much, I didn’t think I would be a Mum -ever- and if I was going to have kids, I always thought it would be after my younger sister had hers. I would be calling her crying in the middle of the night telling her that I can’t get the baby to stop crying or the famous, “Is this normal…” because she would have already been through it. But I had two kids before her.

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Teach Them Young


Each year we take the kid, now kids, to the Santa’s Anonymous tree. We pick off tags and Scarlett has a very specific method. She picks tags off the tree based on the colouring skills. Pretty colours. Patterns. The mind of a two year old is an interesting place. This year she got to pick two tags, one for her and one for Logan.

After Scarlett spent a solid 15 minutes looking over every tag, using her specific method of colours and patterns, finally we got two tags and off shopping we went.

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In Case I Forget…

I want to teach my daughter a million things, I want to warn her about a million more, then I want her to experience everything she can. I know that she will have to learn it all in her own time.

Scarlett – if you ever read this, these are the things I want you to know, plus everything I forgot.
Love Mum ❤

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