Summer Bod, a Mirror & Confidence

We all have goals in life. Loose 10 lbs. Run a successful business. Own your own house. Run 10K. Whatever it is, we all have goals and we all have setbacks.

I have always been a fit person. There was a phase in my life where I was what some people referred to as ‘skinny fat’. I didn’t really do anything but I was ‘skinny’, but no means fit, that was my metabolism at work. I didn’t feel good, I just appeared to be fit.



Feeling comfortable in my own skin!


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Because Of You I Didn’t Give Up

I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up — Anonymous

My Mum has always been there for me. Even when I thought I couldn’t go to her with something. I kissed a boy. I broke up with someone. I didn’t break up with someone. I wanted to quit my job. She was always there. Always.

The comfort I took in knowing that I could go to her with about 99% of my problems was/is my security blanket. Let’s face it, I still call my Mum when I have a problem. 

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