Guest Post: The Lovely Lisa

I am so excited to present my guest  blogger today, the Lovely Ms. Lisa. This girl kept me sane and laughing in the work place. We both have since moved on from that company but we kept in touch.

I was living vicariously through her as she traveled the world, and continues to do so.

Be sure to visit her over at Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Tails to keep up with her and her travels.

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Guest Post – 3 Truths About Dads That I’m Okay With


I am so very pleased to share with you the fantastical writings of Eli from Coach Daddy. He was so kind to ask me a few months back, to write a guest post for his blog. Now I am very excited welcome Eli’s witty, comical approach to fatherhood.

Without further a due… Coach Daddy.

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Guest Post – Ashely Blodgett – How To Get Your Kids Involved In The Holidays Frenzy

Today we have Ashley from Anything Or Everything From Ashley.

Sometimes we need a little helping getting through the holidays with our kids, sometimes we want our kids to be more engage. Get into the spirt. Anything Or Everything From Ashley has an awesome tips and tricks to making all holidays family holidays.

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Guest Post: Liv & Leen – What Do You Do When Other Kids Are The A$$holes?: What Not To Do For Your Child

Please give a warm Welcome to Liv and Leen!

Apparently, little mean kids don’t only exist at our favourite parks here on the Island.  Liv & Leen share there experience and as a parent what NOT to do.


Liv&Leen 1

So we decided to be spontaneous one weekend… we do that a lot. We thought “let’s drive to the Florida Keys and go as far down as we can until it’s time to turn around and come home”. We left in the morning and stopped at a couple of places on our drive. From cute little tourist shops to giant Tarpon feeding and swimming in the gulf (and atlantic), we had a pretty awesome day.  It was the gorgeous dinner by the ocean that left a bad taste in my mouth. The food was delicious, the scenery astounding, but the company sucked.

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Guest Blog – All Out Blog – Protecting Your Baby from Your Family

Today we have a Cassie from All Out Blog taking over. She is a working Mum too, a nurse to be exact! Which these days I have no shortage of seeing and learning from! Why not have one guest blog for me right now. Makes perfect sense.

Be sure to stop by her site and check out what she’s teaching us.

Without further ado, take it away Cassie!

Image provided by All Out Blog

Image provided by All Out Blog

If you have had a baby before you know what happens, almost as soon as the baby is born, and if you haven’t had a baby yet, you are about to learn. It seems that once a baby is born, everyone focuses on the baby and forgets about mom. Everyone wants to visit and everyone wants to hold the baby, even those you haven’t seen in a while or have never come to your house (this is a pet peeve of mine, and a whole other post on it’s own, one day).

Babies are like novelty items. Everyone has to see them as soon as possible. This is not good for mom or the baby. Babies have very weak immune systems and even though they can get antibodies from mom through breastfeeding, they still need protected. The other unfortunate part about it is, because newborns are not mobile on their own, most illnesses come from being in contact with sick family members.

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