Still Learning

I have always been independent. I think my first full sentence was “I can do it myself”. I am stubborn when it comes to asking for help and accepting it, feel free to check with my husband if you don’t believe me.

I can do it all. I’m Super Ashley, as 4 years ago, I upgraded to SuperMum. If there is a list of 50 things, I’ve got it covered. I will stress out and be all crazy BUT I get the list done… Seems crazy right?

Cause it is.

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Dem Brows!


Photo Credit: Popsugar via Pintrest

Years ago, I was still in high school years ago, I was at the age where I started using products, dying my hair, the evil and horrid chore shaving my legs, and getting my brows done. I have never really been one for waxing, lasers, zapping, threading, and what ever other methods are out there. I have a very busy and full life, I try to do what I can on my own, but sometimes you need a professional. I’ve always been that way. Maybe I’m just cheap.

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Dining Alone, It Wasn’t So Bad

My husband is a master at dining alone. He has no problems doing so. He travels for a living so I suppose you’d have to get use to eating alone. He is always telling me about his experiences and the people he interacts with and I’m jealous. He gets to have these amazing adventures. I remember one adventure he had in, I believe San Francisco, he walked into a restaurant/pub type establishment, sat down and opened his laptop. Well, he had the most amazing service ever. They thought he was a Food Critic. I thought, damn, I want to try that. So I did. I ventured out on my Mother’s Day Getaway Gift and I dined alone.

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Hair Colour Adventures – From My Fear List

For years I have wanted to do something fun with my hair. I always, always played it safe. Blonde to brunette and everywhere in between.
Well, I just picked up the phone and called my hairstyles and made the appointment to put purple streaks in my hair. I’m extremely nervous. I’ve wanted to do this for so long, but I always found a reason not to. I was getting married. I was a Mum. Someone else wedding. Too expensive (it’s really not). I will look dumb. Blah, blah blah.

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