I am a Dreamer

I am a dreamer. I love the fact that there are endless possibilities to anything.

Think about it, in your life today, you have the option (which is a gift in it’s self) to do whatever you want. You want to be a doctor, go be a doctor. You want to write a song, you write the crap out of that song. You want to be a stay at home Mum, DO IT. You can be anything, you can do anything!

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I Call It ‘The Curse’… But It’s Not What You Think

the curse 2

The first few days when my husband is away, they are always the worst. The kids miss there Dad and in turn, act out a little. We then start to adjust to our secondary routine — yes we have two, one when Dad’s home and one when Dad’s away. The dog even has a new routine when Dad’s away. My daughter tries to see how far she can push me, what she can get away with – It isn’t much, but I have to give her credit for trying.

Life certainly changes when Dad’s away.

The first few days, my anxiety runs a little higher than usual because of ‘The Curse’. Oh yes, I have given it the name.

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Dream Big!


Photo Credit: My husband

We’ve been watching the Olympics. I can’t remember that last time I actually sat down and watched the Olympics. I know, how very unpatriotic of me. I forgot how much I loved watching the games. Cheering for Canada! Getting out of your seat with excitement. Not knowing what is going to happen, or thinking you’ve just predicted the final outcome and reality happens and you are yet again on the edge of your seat.

This is the first time I’ve watched the Olympics with my kids.

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