Reading is a Gift

I am a huge advocate of reading. I think books are the best gift you can give yourself.

Whether it’s fiction, non fiction, biography, self help, history, poetry or what ever peaks your interest, reading is a gift.  It’s something many people take for granted. Did you know that  only 84% of the world can read. Just think about that for a moment. The world population is 7,174,611,584 so if only 84% of people aged 15 and up can read that leaves 775 million who can not. This is a big number. This blows my mind.

Could you imagine if you couldn’t read? You wouldn’t be reading this right now.

It’s 2015. How is it that 775 million people can not read (or write)? I understand that there are

cultures out there who have never seen electricity or people other than those who live in their own village. But for those who live in cities and the modern world. How did they slip through the cracks? How is it that as a human society, we’ve let this happen? I know there are many different factors but still, how?

I was pondering over this as I was reading a book to my daughter. Well actually it started before this particular afternoon.

My daughter’s Nanu doesn’t live in the same province as us but he never misses sending her a birthday card filled with love, or a Christmas gift covered with joy. He always sends her a gift card to buy books!


I personally get super excited when we go to the bookstore, I don’t know what it is but it’s such a peaceful, yet exhilarating place. You have no worries, no problems, just books!

My husband and I (as I’m sure you have read) have been going through the adventures of the toddler bed. One thing we find that really helps is reading to Scarlett as she’s laying bed. After her two books that she picks out. We’ll put her in bed. If she still isn’t quite there, we’ll turn off the lights and read to her. I was reading Chicken Soup for the Working Mother’s Soul. My husband was reading science articles to her.

Well I had this brilliant idea. I was going to read her Charlotte’s Web. This was the first book my Mum and I read together (that I remember).  We read this book so many times. I can remember falling asleep to the sound of her voice.  The book was so well loved and read. I remember tape holding the spine together.

You guessed it. We bought our own copy of Charlotte’s Web. I picked up the book, I remember it being HUGE and would take us forever to get through a chapter. None the less, I showed Scarlett the book. She excitedly yelled, “PIG”. I assumed she was approving the book.

It’s not only important to read out loud but to hear people read to you. Sometimes, my husband will read an interesting article to me as I lay in bed and drift to sleep.

My husband and I picked out some other classics that we loved as kids and felt she would enjoy too, not only to listen to right now but as she grows in to reading independently – King Arthur (which I have never personally read), Alice in Wonderland, and the sequel, Through The Looking Glass and one of my favorites Robin Hood.
It really makes me sad that some people go through their whole life not being able to read. The world would be so small and lonely. I am just grateful that I can read, and my daughter will be able to as well.

xoxo Ashley

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The Grossly Sweet Orange Drink

A couple weeks ago, I had to go and do my glucoses tolerance test. Or as I refer to it “The Orange Drink”.

OH god! that drink, I did not miss it at all. It’s super sweet, I mean worst than eating a spoonful of sugar or a bag of candy. And you have to drink a rather large amount of it in 5 minutes. Barf.

A girl friend of mine described it as ‘that orange drink you use to get at McDonalds (I am not sure if they still serve this or not. If they don’t my generation will know exactly what I am talking about).

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Let’s Get Saucy!

Remember all those apples that I was raving about? Well, they have taken on a new delicious form – APPLE SAUCE.

If you are pregnant (lets say for example you’re 6 months), make sure you have help. You could become extremely tired, sore and possibly cranky while trying to do everything yourself. Just saying I know someone that happened too!

Let’s get down to business.

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Education Around The World

When I was a wee little lass going to school, I always wondered when I was going to learn about fun and interesting things. We only ever touched on mildly interesting things, then there were the basics of math, writing, science. I always thought Canada excellent educational system. But education isn’t always about books in the class room, or what is cirrocumuli is laid out.

I enjoyed school but I felt under prepared for … life.

I stubbled across this interesting world school facts.

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“Great Job” “Awesome Work”

I am so sick of seeing negative headlines. “10 Things Mum’s are Doing Wrong”, “How to Tell If Your Parents Messed You Up”, “5 Things to Avoid When Talking to Your Child”.  These are all real article titles that I have seen in the last month. The list goes on but if I named them all, you would be just as frustrated as I am.

I’d love to see a headline that read,

10 Great and Wonderful Things Parents Are Doing.

But I suppose nobody wants to read about all the good people are doing, it’s too good for your soul, it’s too healthy.  As a society we would rather focus on the dark, horrible, cruel things in the world. Sadly, that is what sells. Ahh, I don’t want to go too deep into this topic, it’s to depressing.

 As a parent I doubt myself all the time, I don’t need to read about it as well.  I don’t need my family and friends joining in on that doubt. “Ash, I read this article that said don’t put sunscreen on your baby.”  Come on people, use your common sense.  I know these people think they are helping but that really, really aren’t. I think this is where a filter would come in handy. Mostly these helpful people are placing more doubt into my head, that isn’t their purpose but it sometimes the effect. If you read an article about an outbreak of a disease, that would be something I’d like to be away of. 

Am I using the right diaper?

Is this sunscreen high enough SPF? Is she getting enough protein?

Is that blanket going to rough on her skin?

Oh that rash looked  terrible. IT’S HEAT RASH. Would you like me to stick my child in a cooler? There is no winning in this world.

Seriously, these questions come up in my head all the time. Bottom line, am I doing right? The way I see it, I have a healthy baby, who loves to laugh. I am pretty flipping lucky.

So for all those parents out there who feel like I do! You are doing a great job.

Your child is happy and healthy, you are luckier than you know. Be grateful and smile. Give you kids a big hug and a kiss.


xoxo Ashley

10 Gross Things Mums Do

Before I was a Mum, I did not know how I was going to wipe snot up, clean up all the poop that comes out of such a little person. I had no idea how I was going to do it because it is so gross. But I am now a Mum and I do it every day. It no longer grosses me out, it doesn’t make me cringe. Anyone other then my child, yea, it grosses me out but not as much as it use too.

Here are my top 10 gross things Mum’s do.

  1. Wipe up snot- I don’t even like my own snot, let alone someone else. When cold season hits, the snot is EVERYWHERE. I gave up on kleenxe and just use my hand now.  
  2. Clean up poop – Before I was a Mum the thought of this make me want to throw up. I think when baby is born your stomach becomes stronger to handle the smell, texture, the consistence of the poop.
  3. Throw up – I just let it happen now. Before I would try and clean it up as Scarlett threw up. Now I just stand there, rub her back and let it happen. The smell is horrible, the chunks make it even worst but it doesn’t bother me (as much).
  4. Spit up – spit up is completely different then throw up. In my opinion it’s worst because sometime you don’t even know it’s happened and you have this white stream down you back. It’s only until you go out in public does anyone say anything to you and thats when you figure out what that smell was.
  5. Drool – some people have hard time with drool, its not has gross as throw up or poop but it’s a bodily function and it gets EVERYWHERE.
  6. Face to the bum – Us Mums get our faces right in there to smell for poop. “Did you poop?” “I smell poop” SNIFF!!! “Yup, you pooped” 
  7. Don’t put that in your mouth –  I don’t know about you but I don’t like putting my own fingers in my mouth, let alone someone else’s. This one I have hard time with. You don’t always have time to clean your hands to put in there mouth. Scarlett is always putting something in her mouth she shouldn’t be, I don’t think my hands have ever been this clean.
  8. Unwanted food – “Here try this!” chew chew “Oh you don’t like it, great” I don’t know how many times, I’ve cupped my hand and Scarlett spat everything into my hand.
  9. Picking there nose – That is a rather large booger hanging from your nose.
  10. Investigate Poop – “Is it suppose to be that colour?” ” Why does it look like that?” “It’s really runny” 


Tell me, what is the grosses thing you’ve ever done?


xoxo Ashley