Today I Am Grateful For…

Confessions - Today I am grateful for...

The first time I heard about a grateful journal I was about 14 years old. My Mum was watching the almighty and wise Oprah! A couple days later my Mum handed me a notebook and told me that I should try writing 3 things a day that I’m grateful for.

Being 14 and listening to your Mum, that wasn’t too cool. I thought that writing what I was grateful down was ludicrous. How could writing down what I’m grateful for helping me? I know what I’m grateful for in my head. The thought didn’t leave me for a few days, I was thinking more and more about it. It intrigued me. I started writing in the notebook my Mum gave me.

Mother’s know best.

I wrote in this notebook on and off until my early 20’s. Sometimes I would go months without writing in it, but now it lives beside my bed. I started really focusing on writing in my notebook more when I got married. I started setting time aside and I started to see an improvement in my life. No lie.

What do I write in my grateful notebook, well things that I was grateful for! Doesn’t matter how big or small, I would write it down. I try to write at least 3 things a day but the days where I am grateful for everything, I write everything down! Grateful is grateful!

I noticed a few things happening the more I would write. I wasn’t stressing out as much about the little things that I tend to stress about because I could see the good things in my life in black and white. Calms by brain down before bed, don’t’ you wish you had an off button for your brain at night.

I have noticed that I really appreciate my life more. I have a roof over my head, little munchkins who are so excited when I walk through the door, a husband who loves me. Writing what I’m grateful puts everything in perspective for me. When I am having a rough day, I can read back of all the things that I am grateful for.


I do try to write in my notebook every day but life happens. Kids refuse to go to bed, you fall asleep on the couch. Your pen runs out of ink. Whatever!  Do what you can. I leave my notebook beside my bed, so that I can reflect before I close my eyes. Some weeks it’s twice a week and something I nail it and make 7 days a week.

What I take away from all this is, listen to your Mum (& Oprah). When you see the positive things in your life in black and white, does something to your brain, the way you see everything.

Today I am grateful for my Mum, showing me what a positive life looks like!

Will you try it out? What are you grateful for today?




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