Aunt Flo, An App & FREE!!!!


I have ALWAYS been truly terrible at keeping track of my cycle. You could image how this would complicate things. When we were trying to get pregnant or trying to plan a trip, figuring out why my mood swings were so extreme, you know living life. Always counting backwards from the last date I remember (which isn’t always the last month – ha). I just can’t seem to retain all of the information I am suppose to remember. I seem to loose my mind trying to keep track of my cycle. But HEY! There’s an app for that!

I have tried many, many apps. Some have too many steps to add anything to the calendar, some were NOT user-friendly and then some would advertise the amazing features and then make you pay for them (I hate that). Then that day happened, the day I found the best app! Seriously, ask my friends, I haven’t shut up about it.

Flo. It does everything that I want it to do and then some!

Let’s get the semantics out of the way. I am using version 3.1.1, I have it installed on my S7 on an Android operating system. The developer is OW Health. Did I mention that this app is FREE!

I bet you’re asking what this app does, well let’s take a look.

Description from the Play Store. Flo Period Tracker is a smart and simple way to track your menstrual cycle. Flo is a women’s period calculator that makes accurate and reliable predictions of menstruation, ovulation and fertile days using machine learning (Al). All women, even those with irregular cycles, can rely on Flo. Log your period days in a handy calendar, schedule menstrual cycle reminders, record moods and PMS symptoms, and take full control your health. 

Yes, I agree with all of these statements above. It is so easy to use. I downloaded the app and started to using it right away! I absolutely love how you can log your moods, your sleep, water intake, what you did in terms of exercise that day, and so on.

Flo predicts when your next period will be, it tells you when you’re ovulation when you are most fertile. I absolutely love seeing it all on the calendar because I don’t know about you, I know when I am going to feel like a whole, or when I will be happiest, or the most frisky. If you pay attention to your body, it is very predictable! I love that.

Flow allows you to do a number of this from the comfort of one app, you don’t have to go in and out of a handful of apps.

You can:

  • schedule reminds, as well as get notifications on your period, ovulation, and reminds you to take your birth control pills if you so choose to.
  • you can keep your cycle and symptoms history. This is really handy for me because I need to track certain symptoms, so now what I go to my doctors I know with certainty what happened when!
  • Keep track of your daily sleep, water consumption, physical activity. I love the fact that you can keep track of water, I always forget and if I see how much more I need to drink or if I’m on track. So helpful.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant you can also keep track of your basal temperature, pregnancy tests results and also know your fertility days.

I don’t know about you, but when I see these things (water, sleep, etc), I am likely to pay more attention to them. This app is so easy to use, which in turn makes it fun!

When I go into the app on the main page, you will find article available to read (on Android you pull up on the screen) related to women’s health. They are short and manageable to read in a moment. I like that.


How do you keep track of your cycle? What app do you use?






*This is NOT a sponsored ad. I absolutely love this app and wanted to share it with you


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