Toner, No, Not Printer Toner

Toner has a bad reputation. I think it’s because it’s misunderstood. Oh, you don’t need toner, all it does is dry your skin out! This may have been the case a couple decades ago, but toner has come a long way.

Toners are not multipurpose, in the sense that they remove cleanser residue, balance your skin’s pH levels and prep your skin for the rest of your skin care products. If you ask me, the toner is helping you the best bang for your buck when using the rest of your skin care line. For example, when you use a hydrating toner, this will help the serum and moisturiser soak into your skin better. Getting your monies worth out of those products.

Today I am going to do my best to defend toners honour because I love my toner, it does wonders for me. Let’s address the basic questions to give you a bit more education on the topic.

Why use toner in the first place?

  • It shrinks your pores. Toner can remove oil and give the appearance of smaller pores.
  • Balances your skin’s pH levels. Our skin is naturally acidic (sitting at 5 or 6). After we wash our face, due to the alkaline nature of ‘soap’, our pH balance is thrown off a bit. This disruption then has our skin working overtime to restore the balance (this could produce more oil). When the toner is used, it helps to balance the pH levels more quickly.
  • Protection. Toners can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleanings all the pollen, dust, etc from your skin.
  • It moisturises. Some toners are a humectant, which means that they help bind moisture to the skin.


Are there different types of toners?

Confessions - Rosewater

  • Skin Bracers or Fresheners. 
    These are the mildest forms of toner. They contain almost no alcohol (0-10%).
    An example of this type of toner is Rosewater.
    These toners are the kindest to skin and are the most suitable to use on dry, dehydrated, sensitive and normal skin types.

    Confessions - orange flower water

  • Skin Tonics.
    These are slightly stronger and contain a small amount of alcohol (up to 20%).
    An example of this is Orange Flower water.
    Skin tonics are suitable for use on normal, combination and oily skin.

    Confessions - witch hazel

  • Astringents.
    These are the strongest forms of toner and contain a high amount of alcohol (20-60%). Astringents do have an antiseptic property to them.
    An example of this is Witch Hazel.
    These toners are commonly recommended for oily skin as they are drying. (Please be aware that the removal of oil from skin can lead to excess oil production as skin tried to make up for loss of moisture).


How do you use toner?

Spray directly onto your face, one or spritzes. Dab lightly onto skin with a cotton pad. Wait until it’s all dry, doesn’t take long and then you can go about the rest of your routine.

It’s that simple.


See, so toner is pretty awesome!




One thought on “Toner, No, Not Printer Toner

  1. I had no.idea. I’m the dad who celebrates the fact that, with three daughters, he knows the difference between mascara and eyeliner. Oh wait, aren’t those the same thing??

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