Lil Spice, Some Girl Power & Me

Confessions - Girl Power

I am 30 years old and I still blast Spice Girls in my car. I mean I can feel it, pretty sure the car behind me can too. When I’m cleaning, the girls are playing in my ear, hell they are with me when I’m running, kilometre after kilometre I have girl power messages echoing through my head. I grew up listening to them. I watched the movies, wore the t-shirts and I ate the candy!

I remember my sister and I would walk to the corner store in the summer time with our money in our pockets. We would talk about what Spice Girl candy we were going to get. Yea, there was Spice Girl candy. It was sort of like the Double Bubble, where they had the comic wrapped up, only it wasn’t a comic it was a Spice Girl. We collected them one summer, we had a photo album with all the different candy wrappers.

We would, at length, discuss who was the best Spice Girl. Who we liked best and then argue the point. I was a Ginger lover. She was a little different, she stood out in her own way! Plus she killed it in that red glitter dress, you know the one!

Confession - spice girl gum

I was driving home one night from a great night with some AMAZING women, sipping on spirits and wine! Feeling inspired by life, ready to challenge the day, and make some well-planned strides. I put on ‘Lady is a Vamp’ and I was listening to the lyrics, about the truly noteworthy ladies that the Spice Girls were singing about. Feeling even more empowered.

I started thinking about the music I listened to when I was young and impressionable and how the lyrics sunk in, affected the choices I made, the things I did. If you listen to a song over and over again, the lyrics are bound to sink it and sway you to your choices.

I listened to a lot of pop and a lot of country music. My music choices haven’t really changed, but I definitely have a wider range of music these days. I mean, who DOESN’T have the Frozen Soundtrack! Right!?!

Now when you saw the clothing choices the Spice Girls wore, you may have thought, ‘Oh WOW! Did they just get off a porn set?!’ NOPE! This was the 90s, where women were coming into their own. Wearing what they wanted and making it powerful. I admire that. Takes guts! Take GIRL POWER!!!

My daughter, she is 3 years old and already being influenced by music. We listen to the radio in the car and she hears Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele and sings along. I am picky about what she listens too, even more so what she watches in the way of music videos. But these are things she will be influenced by. Lady Gaga has a powerful message behind her music. She is a smart woman with a very giving and caring heart. I want my daughter to have role models like this.

These artists will probably at some point have a stronger hold on my daughter at some point. I know that, and all I can do is hope that the message she is getting is empowering, makes her feel strong, loved, wanted!

I play the kids Spice Girls and my daughter knows almost all of the words to their songs. I never thought Spice Girls would have such a profound meaning to me. I am a co-founder of a group called Women Inspired Group. We aim to inspire, empower and bring women together. 2017 version of GIRL POWER!



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