Ear Problem, Doctors & a Warm Cloth


I woke up with an ear infection! YAY – said no one ever.

Of course, it happened to be on the busiest day of the week. No rest for the wicked eh! This ear infection was so painful and I knew the beast had not even reached the worst of it. The left side of my face was aching. I hadn’t even made it out of bed yet.

I was moving much slower than usual. I would describe my movement as sloth-like. Every move I made amplified, I could hear my muscles moving, feel my food going down my throat, it wasn’t joyful. Swallowing my precious coffee hurt. It was going to be a very long day.

I called the nurses line to see if there was anything I could do to relieve the pain in the meantime. I found my mind wondering while I was on hold. I would rather be in labour right now. With labour, sure you’re in pain, but they give you this magical mask, that when you breathe in, the pain dulls. Oh, that would be magical right now!  My ear infection, I was feeling it everywhere. Headaches. Jaw pain. Eye socket pain (is that even a thing?!).

I have never been one to go to the doctor (for myself). My kids, absolutely! But for me, I tend to ride ‘it’ out. Rest and plenty of fluids. Maybe have a warm bath and pop an Advil. In a couple of days, I am good as new. My mild discomfort or a cold just isn’t worth the doctors time. That was before motherhood.

Now, if I have something for more than 2 days, I’m at the doctor’s office wishing I had children who were school aged. What can you do? Fix me! Where si your magic wand?! It’s amazing how a head cold or an ear infection can make everyday tasks, feel like you’re building the Eifel Tower. Breakfast took my 10 times of my daughter asking for breakfast, rather than 4 times. I’m going as fast as I can!  I wish I could call a nanny and have her come deal with breakfast. But what would that teach my kids? When you can’t do something, get someone else to do… not the message I want to send to my kids.

Kids don’t understand that Mommy gets sick too. When I called the nurses line, she told me to lay down and rest with a warm cloth on my ear. I laughed out loud, quite hard actually! She responded with, You have kids, eh!

I called my doctors office, hoping I could get in the same day. I didn’t care if it was my doctor, just a doctor. SCORE!!!! Last appointment of the day.

I don’t get as sick as often as I use too. I think because my family eats really healthy, a lot, if not all the products I use are vegan so toxic crap isn’t leaking into my skin, and I regularly exercise. When I do get sick/infections, it’s not something that will ‘just’ go away anymore, it’s more I need to go to the doctors now. I don’t have time to let it run its course.



Mum solutions. Warm cloth on the ear – hands-free!!!!

I went to the doctor, I have swimmers ear!



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