Travel, Inspire & Postcards


I never travelled out of the country as a kid. We did lots of camping, boating and fishing trips. We had so many adventures. Saw amazing things, learnt a lot about the outdoors. I could chop wood at a young age, I saw phosphorescent (glowing water as I called it), learnt where fish came from, I could start a fire (it really is an art form) and I slept under the stars.

I didn’t get on a plane until I was 13. Disneyland was my first out of country trip. My eyes couldn’t take it all in. This was my first trip. It was amazing. I remember a lot of it. The food. What American’s called ‘iced tea’ (it’s literally cold tea, with a lemon). I saw a different culture. I saw outside of my cozy little bubble. I loved it.

I didn’t travel much after that. Disneyland again (this time with my Dad) and then my sister and I went to Mexico just before I was married.

I dreamt of far off lands. I read about them in books. I saw pictures in National Geographic. I wanted to visit this places. I wanted to see what the camera didn’t capture. I wanted to smell the smells. Taste the food. I wanted to sip espresso all around the world.

My husband and I went to Europe for our honeymoon. UK, Italy, Gibraltar, France, and Spain. I wanted more. I couldn’t get enough of these places. They were amazing. We drank beer and ate fish and chips in London. I sipped espresso in Italy. Mingled with the monkies in Gibralter. Saw the shorelines of France. Drank the most amazing orange juice in Spain. I didn’t want to get back on the plane to bring me home.

Once we had kids, we started exploring where we lived. Day trips. Then road trips. Seeing beaches. Finding caves. Tasting food at little markets. There are many more waterfalls than I would have expected on this little island of ours.

As you know, my husband travels for work. When he touches land, I ask him to pick up a postcard for the scrapbook. They can see where Daddy was and look back and dream about it and hopefully one day go.

This was a little fun, cheap gift for the kids to have when Daddy got home. But it has turned into a scrapbook. I am now asking friends to bring home postcards for our scrapbook.



Our adventure book ❤


I want my kids to dream. Then I want them to make the dream a reality. I want, well actually, my hope is that they see the world. Experience different foods, religions, ceremonies, feel the sand between their toes, the cool winds from high cliffs, smell the snow on the mountain tops.

Our family is in the beginning stages of planning our first out of province road trip.

I read this blog by this woman from England, she took her maternity leave and travelled the world. My first thought was, why didn’t I do that? My second thought was, how did she do that? 

My hope is this scrapbook will encourage my children to wonder, dream, question and the go and do it. Maybe they will send me postcards on their travels.

Isn’t it funny, when you have babies you see things differently? Before kids, it was a stamp in my passport. Now it’s an experience, a way to show our children the world.


I can’t wait to see what adventures fill our scrapbook. Our family adventures. Friends adventures. Romantic getaways. Business trips. Our world book of memories.



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