Goals, How & Mine


confessions-goal-diggerGoals. Do you have them? Do you achieve them? Or do you crush them? How do you do this?

I have goals. I have many, many goals.

I have plans to achieve them. We are half way through the first month of a new year, and I am feeling pretty optimistic about it. I think this is going to be the year of greatness and positivity.

I am not one for making ‘resolutions’. I feel when I make resolutions, I am setting myself up for failure. To me, there is a lot of pressure behind a resloution, whereas a goal is something you take steps to achieve, not matter how big or small.

I believe that goals are so important to have, they help us grow and understand ourselves and the world around us.

I won’t bore you with my entire list of goals but here are some of them.

  • Take a trip with my family
  • Do Vegas (this is also on my bucket list)
  • Launch Women Inspired
  • Pay off some debt
  • Grow a successful garden
  • Complete 2 run in 2017

This is a sample of my goal list. I post this where I can see it every single day. I don’t feel pressure to do them all right now. Some need more planning, and some just need time.

I am learning balance. This is one of my forever goals, balance in life. Sometimes I get knocked off my balance beam and I need to re-learn how to do it all over again. I am learning to balance kids, writing, Women Inspired, Arbonne, running, yoga, achieving my goals. It’s all balance. By having more goals, I find myself learning better balance.

Couple tips to help with achieving goals this year.

  1. Planner. 
    Call me old school, but I like to have a paper planner. I use 365 create. There is room for all of my ventures.
  2. Do what you can when you can.
    While it is important to do one thing at a time, sometimes you do need to multi-task. I listen to audio books while working out. I listen to learn and burns while I’m in the kitchen (dishes, meals, cleaning). I watch a TV show while doing laundry.
  3. Routine.
    This helps me know when I am busy and when I have a little bit of free time. An example I know that Fridays are better for free time than Thursdays.
  4. Learn to say No.
    This is huge! HUGE! Learn to say No and learn that it’s OK to say No sometimes. This will free up time for you. You don’t have to say yes to every field trip, every ‘favour’ that is asked of you. Remember you are one person and there are only 24 hours in a day, you are entitled to some ‘you’ time.
  5. 6 Things a day.
    This is great. I do this. I write down 6 things I must do a day. I have divided it between personal life and business.
    Example: Personal life > grocery store, preschool, go through kids books, laundry, vacuum, swimming lessons.
    Once these things are done, anything else I do is bonus work and I can relax in the evening with no guilt. I do the same thing with business tasks.
  6. Set work hours.
    This took me a while to figure out. If you work from home like me, let your family know when you are ‘working’ and set hours for yourself. Answer your clients during work hours. You are entitled to a life.


I am by no means a ‘master’ at these tasks but I use them in my life every day. They have helped me divide work from play and they are helping me achieve my goals.



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