Dear Son Of Mine,


Dear Son of Mine, on his first birthday!

We have made it a year! You are one and you are such a happy, handsome, goofy, kind little boy. Happy Birthday!

You were the final piece to our little family, you completed the puzzle, our family.

There are many things that I hope for you, that I want for you in your life! This may be a little heavy for your first birthday, but we’ve been teaching you since day one! It’s never too early to start being a good person.

You were three days late, but when you decided to come, you wasted no time. You do things on your own time and I love that about you.

If there is one thing I can give to you it is knowledge, knowledge to carry around with you forever.

You may forget your manners from time to time in your life. That’s ok, we aren’t pefect. YOu will learn that. Perfection is an illusion. We ask you try your best, YOUR best.

Do not let your manners slide. Always remember your please and thank you. I am shocked today when I hear them from other people. They are dying custom. When someone (often younger) holds the door open for me, I am a little bit surprised and I am grateful. There is no reason to be rude. Even when you’ve been wronged, no need to be rude. Take the high road.


Be kind to others. Anyone. Homeless man on the street. The boss who thinks he’s above you. Be kind to everyone! You will soon find that karma is everywhere and will find you. Be kind, you’re heart will be full because you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Love full. You will give your heart to someone, they may break it and you may take a long time to put all the piece back together, but you will love again. It make the world so much brighter when you love.

Compassion isn’t something that everyone has. You can learn this better from your father than me. To have compassion for people is a tricky thing, don’t misunderstand me it’s a great thing and more people need it, just be carful that you aren’t taken advantage of.

Patient. Something that I haven’t been too good pre children. I wanted everything now, I didn’t want to wait. I would rush my goals, often not completing them. I wanted everything now. Plant a garden, water it, love it, take care of it. When you put in the time, the results are so much better than rush, rush, rush. When I learnt how to be patient, was when I became a Mum.

Follow your heart, always. Your father and I will support you with that ever you like. If you have a dream, make it a reality. If you want something, go for it. Don’t let the world pass you by, don’t have regrets.

You a year old today. You have made me a better person, more generous, more open minded! I can’t wait to see the person you turn into. I can’t wait for you to walk, tell jokes. You have so much to teach me, and I you.


Happy Birthday to my favoriate little man! Let’s have another spectacular year, full adventures and memories ❤

Love Mum

xoxo Ashley


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