Dem Brows!


Photo Credit: Popsugar via Pintrest

Years ago, I was still in high school years ago, I was at the age where I started using products, dying my hair, the evil and horrid chore shaving my legs, and getting my brows done. I have never really been one for waxing, lasers, zapping, threading, and what ever other methods are out there. I have a very busy and full life, I try to do what I can on my own, but sometimes you need a professional. I’ve always been that way. Maybe I’m just cheap.

Anyways, I went with my girlfriend to get our brows done. She had been doing much longer that I had. I was a wee bit nervous. I don’t know if you know this, but your eye brows are on your face, usually this is the first thing people see, your face.

I don’t want to sound self absorbed but I am lucky, I have good genetics, I am natural beauty. I don’t have to wax, bleach, buff and shine – I just have to maintain. I have had it fairly easy. After having babies, and now that gravity and hormones are playing a more front and centre role in my life, I have discovered the world of GOOD skincare, cosmetics and primping. Sometimes a girl needs a little help.

OK, back to my story. My girl friend and I went to go get our  brows done. She saw her regular girl and I got the brand new girl. I mean FRESH out of school. I was her first real client. I was terrified. If we were pulling straws, I would have pulled the short stick. I expressed my concerns about loosing my brow, that I wanted to keep shape, etc.

She stars doing her thing and I heard a gasp, and she quickly walked away… with the mirror. I was immediately worried, no not worried, I believe I was panicked. I didn’t know what to do . I was in a little room by myself. I hear her supervisor say “You started with out me?” The girl walks back in the room with her head down, and tears in her eyes.

I start to feel my face… I was feeling a lot less brow!!!! I was scared. What the hell had this chick done to me?!

Her supervisor looked at me with shock and sort of a messed up, squishy face. Not good.

My girl friend walked in the room, “What the hell happened?”

Three people looking at me and no one would tell me what was going on and still no freaking mirror.

Ms. Supervisor asked new to give me a mirror. Newbie replied, “I took it out of the room.” Hello – go get it. Was she hoping I would just never look in a mirror?

I got the mirror and OH. MY. WORD! There were no words. I am so glad that was before cell phone cameras…actually I think this was before we had cell phones.

This chick, I hope she works in an office, because I had half a freaking eye brow. HALF!!!! I don’t know how she managed to do this.

I was so mad that I couldn’t even cry. I didn’t know what to say.

She then offered to do the other brow. I looked at her with a face that said it all. If this women were to touch me again, I would press charges. OK, OK I was a teenager, I had some extreme emotions going on, hormones, half an eye  brow.

I cried on the way home. I didn’t know how to fix it.

My neighbour saw me walking home. “Got your brows done eh! Come with me, I will fix it up for you”

I thought she was joking, maybe she had a magic wand. But seriously how was she going to fix ‘this’? But she did. Make up wisdom, eye brow pencil and kind words.

I wore long bangs for a few weeks.

Well I feel brave enough now, 15 years later, to get my brows done. No seriously, never ever went back to anyone. But I have decided to put on my big girl pants and take the plunge.

A very good friend of mine recommended a small, cute little spa to me. I checked it out and requested an experienced esthetician and told her my story. I was assured I would be taken care of.

And I was!!!!

My faith has been restored! I absolutely love what she did with them, which wasn’t much (thank goodness). She cleaned them up a bit. She was excellent. Confident.



Do something that scares you. Even if it’s a little thing, you might be surprised with the outcome. It’s easy to jump to the bad, negative excesses why NOT to do something. Be brave, puff out your chest just a little and hold your head high and just do it! For me it was getting hot wax put on my face. Who knows what’s next, speaking in public? Flying on a plane (again)?

I warn you, doing something that scares you and you over come it, it’s contagious. You’ll love the way you feel and want to do it again and again.



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