Take It For Granted

Sex…in the… afternoon…  I’m sorry I don’t understand what you’re saying.

That was my response to my friend who doesn’t have two small children. 

Until you become a parent of small children, it’s AMAZING the things you take for granted. Like leaving the house quickly, sitting in silence, reading a book – not the same page over and over, an actual book, front to back, you know, the kind with out pictures! Eating a hot meal, with TWO hands. Watching an R rated movie… in one sitting! I don’t think I’ve watched an entire movie in one sitting… in… well it’s been awhile! I always have to pause, get up, put the munchkin back to bed, spend an hour or so doing that. Then I have to re-watch the previous 30 minutes because I can’t remember what happened. Then I get to tired and just go to bed.

I was trying to get the kids out of the house. Challenge accepted! I started getting them ready… 45 MINUTES before we had to leave. It’s ridiculous.

No, keep your pants on! Don’t take your shoes off!! Get you’re coat please!!! Why did you get your WINTER coat?   … WHAT!?! You have to pee?!!?! Arg

I find myself sitting, trying to remember a time when I could get up and go.

I miss having the option to go to the coffee shop and just sit and write, or read a book. I defiantly took that for granted. I didn’t appreciate toe beauty and availability of it. I do some of my best writing in a coffee shop. But now I have to schedule it in, and when I do, I feel guilty. I should be at home doing laundry, dishes, playing with the kids, catching up with my husband who I see in passing.

When I do get to a coffee shop, I’m that really weird person, just sitting there staring off in to space. And you wonder if they are drunk. Nope, not drunk just exhausted. They can mimic each other well.

Grateful For January Loving Husband

I miss going to a store and just wondering around. Taking it all in. I go to the store now, and I have a purpose, a plan, and 6 exit strategies. Get in and get out is the most popular! However, with this method, I usually forget 2 or 3 things. But the kids rarely have melt downs with this one!

I look at people in the store, sipping there expensive Starbucks drinks. No rush. Hair nicely done. Relaxed! I look at these people and think, “You lucky bastard! I hope the coffee is delicious! I envy you!”

I was chatting with my girl friend about all this. Telling her how I envied her. Her career. Freedom to travel where ever she wants, when ever she wants. The fact that it doesn’t have to be kid friendly!  Any beach will do. She can leave the house with out 10 bags, no babysitter needed. She can sleep in pasted 6:30 am. Drink wine until the bottle is empty, nurse that hang over with out screaming children. I told her how I envy that she has the luxury to waste time, she can learn a new hobby. She can have a hobby.

I was voicing this all to her, telling her don’t take it for granted. Enjoy it. Appreciate it! Your time is your own, so own it! But she started to laugh, out of no where.

The things that I miss, that I took for granted, the things I now envy her for… she envies me!

brother sister wedding post

She is envious of how I have two beautiful, healthy kids that call me Mum. They love me even if I don’t cut the crust off there sandwich. I have a husband who loves me, who is there for me. We get to share a life and raise our kids. My time may not be my own but it’s filled with memories, memories made by my family.

Weird! Someone envy’s my life.

So while, I was lecturing her not to take those things I miss for granted, I was taking my children and husband, the fact that I have them, for granted.

Grass always appears greener on the other side. I think I will take care of the grass I am standing on!

xoxo Ashley

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