Dream Big!


Photo Credit: My husband

We’ve been watching the Olympics. I can’t remember that last time I actually sat down and watched the Olympics. I know, how very unpatriotic of me. I forgot how much I loved watching the games. Cheering for Canada! Getting out of your seat with excitement. Not knowing what is going to happen, or thinking you’ve just predicted the final outcome and reality happens and you are yet again on the edge of your seat.

This is the first time I’ve watched the Olympics with my kids.

Watching these amazing athletes do what they do best, blows my mind! I also couldn’t help but picture my kids making it to the Olympics. Maybe Scarlett will be a weight lifter or a gymnast. Logan may be a swimmer or soccer player. They could do anything they put there minds too.

Oh, I would be that Mum telling everyone, THAT’S MY KID! THAT’S MY KID! Screaming, jumping up and down. I’d have a shirt made with some hilarious verbiage on it. I am bursting with pride when my kids learn how to ride a bike or feed themselves.


I like to day dream what my kids might end up doing, accomplishing. I want great things for my kids. I want them to have no regrets in life.

My daughter wasn’t into watching the Olympics, however my living room has turned into an obstacle course.

xoxo Ashley

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