The Sexy Chick!

I think I need to take a break from writing a little more often. This week I have written on so many pieces of scrap paper, recorded ‘blog thoughts’ (I just discovered my phone has this app called Voice Recorder. Bet you can’t guess what it does! It records your voice! Cool eh!). I have had so many ideas, and stories that I want to share with you all. I’m feeling pretty creative lately.

I had a nice little number lined up for you party people this morning, but life happened last night and I thought I would share with you. It has a happy ending!

My wonderful husband was away this week, he had to fly back to his home town to attend a funeral, so it was me and the kids this week. It’s amazing how quickly you forget how tough it is when it’s just you and two small, yet quick mobile children. You’re with them 24 hours a day and while I love being with them, this Mama needed a break (& some sleep).

Friday night came and I didn’t waste any time, I kissed the family good-bye and away I went. I decided to treat myself, I was a little selfish and hit … the bookstore!

See usually the whole family goes, and I am too busy watching the kids, or finding books for them that I never really get to spend time discovering new adventures of my own. But not this time. I went all by myself (is it sad that I immediately thought of the Little Critters book All By Myself by Mercer Mayer when I said that!?)

I took my time. I read so many book jackets! It was devine. I love the smell of book stores, don’t you? I love the calm and relaxed feeling the bookstore gives you the moment you walk in. It’s like you checked your worries and baggage at the door. It’s a little vacation. I’m pretty sure I smiled the entire way to the store.

I was enjoying my much loved ‘me time’. I felt light and airy. I’m fairly certain I skipped down the street at one point. This evening wasn’t going to get any better. How could it!?

I smiled at everyone on the street. No running at kids. No road safety lessons. No ‘don’t talk to strangers’ talk. Just me, myself and I. Huge smile, ear to ear! I’m fairly certain that people thought I was a bit loonie, but that’s OK! I wonder myself sometimes. I was on my way to the bookstore.

I found some books I’ve been wanting to read for so long and ones that I am looking forward to diving into.
Foreign Affairs – Stuart Woods
Jurassic Park & Lost World – Michael Crichton
Nice is Just a Place in France – The Betches
Super pumped for all of these. I’m all over the map with books, I never stick to one ‘type’ – what’s the fun in that? I got a little action, mystery, adventure and what ever The Betches have in store for me.

I was so happy. New books. Who doesn’t love new books.

I started to head down the street for … can you guess … COFFEE!!!! Oh I’m a rebel on a Friday night. Load me up with caffeine after 7:00 pm. Anyways, so walking down the street, I was trying to pick out what book I would read first, and I hear these two guys talking, “look at that sexy chick, so classic!” I turned to see who they were talking about, and they replied with, “Ya! You! Have a great evening!”


I never EVER think of myself as sexy or a chick. I’m a Mum. I don’t use descriptive words like hot, gorgeous, stunning, pretty, knock out  to describe myself. I use words like organized, hot mess (that’s very different from hot), my 5 am look, fun, maybe classic.

As I walked away, I had an extra bounce in my step. These guys thought i was a sexy chick walking down the street. I’m not going to lie, it felt good. Scratch that, it felt amazing!

I was out on a Friday night, going to a store, grabbing a cup of coffee, getting noticed and receiving compliments. I felt like I was 22. Seriously. That is what I would do on a Friday night 8 years ago. However, the coffee would be followed by a short dress, high heels and dancing till 2:00 am. The coffee was to keep me up past 9:00.

Though, tonight I can assure you I won’t be up until 2:00 am, well maybe, I do have new books and the caffeine to get me past 9:00 pm.

xoxo Ashley

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