August Product of the Month

Liquid Sunshine for Face_facebook_image

Photo Credit: Arbonne

Ah Summer! I am having a blast this summer with my family. Lots of beach time, lots of parks and water parks. LOTS of sunshine. And while I love that beautiful golden sun of ours, I have always been worried about what it’s doing to my skin! I do consider myself a bit of a sun goddess, I worry no more. No more inconvenient sunburns.

Sunscreen! I make a game of putting sunscreen on the kids, otherwise it’s just a messy fight that I usually loose.

Presenting the product of the month…
Arbonne Liquid Sunshine, it’s A-MAZ-ING! No greasy fingers for me!

Arbonne Liquid Sunshine_facebook_image

Photo Credit: Arbonne

Sunscreen for you face with SPF 30  $43 CAD
Liquid Sunscreen Body with SPF 30    $60 CAD
Lip Balm with SPF 15  $14 CAD
ABC Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen SPF 30  $40 CAD

And yes… Tinted Self-tanner!  $53 CAD

I am really loving the sunscreen. I am out in the sun with the kids a lot! I have a lovely golden tan. I’m not worried about burning, or worried about the kids. And as all Arbonne products go, no animal testing or animal bi-products, we are 100% vegan!!!

Liquid Sunscreen is made with aloe vera, Vitamin E and green tea leaf extracts to help hydrate and soothe skin. It contains non-nano titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to help prevent sunburn. Oh, of course we can’t forget that these amazing little plants, when combined together moisturize and conditions your skin.

For more information, please visit my Arbonne site or as always email me with questions.

xoxo Ashley

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