I Saw The Future For Just A Moment

i saw the future for just a moment

We had the weekend of weddings! Well, actually it started on Thursday and Sunday was our day of rest! An let me tell you, it was much needed! We had two weddings in ONE DAY!

Our very close friends finally tied the knot!!!! And my awesome cousin married her man too! They were no choosing between the two, so we did both!

It was a beautiful weekend, it rained but we didn’t care! We had umbrella’s and coats. It’s the West coast, we come prepared! We celebrated love, family, happiness and making memories. The rain couldn’t stop us – and it tried!

I never really loved weddings, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed them for sure. Seeing old friends, catching up with family, dancing until your feet hurt. Maybe It was because I wasn’t married myself and didn’t fully understand the meaning of marriage, who knows why, I don’t remember. Now that I am a wife, I love weddings, now that I have kids OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE WEDDINGS!!!!

The time, the preparation to celebrate your love for someones. To finally stand on the roof tops and shout I LOVE DREW!!!! or whom ever it is your love! It’s two families joining, the possibilities of having your own family! It’s a beautiful chapter to start in your book. It’s all so beautiful and magical.

brother sister wedding post

My daughter was the flower girl for my girl friends wedding. Now, I was a little nervous, here’s a quick history lesson. My sister was married a year ago, and Scarlett was (suppose) to be the flower girl. This didn’t exactly happen. She refused to wear the dress (that my ever so talented cousin made for her). When I say refused, I mean RE-FU-SED!!!!! Good thing I brought a back up safety dress. Then she RE-FU-SED to walk down the aisle and wouldn’t didn’t want anything to do with the basket. This was not going well. She only wanted Grandpa.

Needless to say, when my girl friend asked if Scarlett would be a flower I said yes, but was a little nervous. Scarlett was extremely excited about the dress (WOOHOO!). She wanted to walk down the aisle with someone, great, not a problem. She rocked with her flower girl duties this year! She nailed it. So proud of this adorable munchkin.

beth scarlett wedding post

Scarlett is watching the ‘princess’ get her make up done.

Earlier in the day, as I was getting her ready. We got her dress out, fluffed it up and bit. Scarlett started telling me how excited she was about her dress. She was SO excited to see her Auntie become a princess today (she doesn’t understand the word bride yet). I was doing up her buttons, and she continued to tell me about how the day was going to go.
” Auntie is getting married! I think I’m going to marry by best friend…”
As she was telling all about this, I started to cry. I started thinking, I am going to be doing this one day and she is going to be the bride. She is going to be the one walking down the aisle. At this moment, my husband popped his head in, “Are you crying?” I shot him a look, go away, we’re having a moment. 

Yes, in fact I was crying.

I was getting my daughter ready for a wedding. No, it wasn’t hers but it felt a lot like when my Mum was getting me ready for mine. I was doing up her buttons, putting on her shoes, fussing over her hair, fluffing up her dress. I would be doing this again one day, but instead of her being a flower girl, she will be a bride. She will be walking down the aisle with her Father at her side, and I will be crying because I’m so proud of the women she has become. Her beauty will knock everyone on there butts. She will be marrying her person.

So yes, I was crying getting my daughter ready for her role as a flower girl. I was looking into a crystal ball and seeing the events to come.

mother daughter wedding blog

My little flower girl princess.

Weddings are a beautiful thing if you just take time to enjoy them. Forget about the things that didn’t go ‘according to plan’ because not everything will. Fall in love with the face that your fairytale is unfolding right before you or that you are taking part in someones else’s fairytale. Let the day be magical and beautiful and whimsical. Take part in all the cliché, leave your pessimistic attitude at home and just live in that moment. Weddings are beautiful and last weekend I was thrilled to be part of two. I got to see my future for a brief moment.

xoxo Ashley
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