July’s Product of the Month


Photo Credit: Arbonne

I am a busy Mum of two. Play dates, classes, actives, chores and the house, sometimes there isn’t time for hair and make up. Sometimes I don’t even get to wash my hair for a couple days (I know – the shocking truths of being a Mum). But I still like to feel like I’ve done something. I like to feel pretty. I like to feel like I haven’t given up, so I throw on some lipstick! A fun, bright colour! I wear this almost every day. Presenting the product of the month…

Smoothes Over Lipstick.

Camellia Smoothed Over Lips

Photo Credit: Arbonne 


16 beautiful shades to choose from.

arbonne all shades lipstick

Photo Credit: Arbonne

Key ingredients: watermelon extract, apple extract and meadowfoam seed oil

I am absolutely in love with this lipstick. I love how it make me feel, how it looks and I love that when I kiss my kids, they don’t get a reaction from it.

For more details, visit my Arbonne site.

xoxo Ashley
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