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I love products that are good for me and my family. I don’t know about you but I feel that I’s getting harder and hard to find products that are safe for my family. So many recalls, so many lawsuits, so many toxins being put into our bodies. We love in a very consumable world, use, toss repeat. It’s hard to find quality items, it’s even more rare to find quality items that are made with love and care.

A was asked by one of the owners/co-founder of The Young, Wild & Free Shop to review some products for them. What a delight! Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes!

Let me tell you a little bit about The Young, Wild & Free shop. It was started by two lovely ladies, both Mum’s (YAY MUM’S!!!) who, like many of us, wanted healthy products for our families, they started there own business! There products are “made to order organic products for babies, kids, mamas and papas!”. There products are made of only natural organic ingredients and essential oils.

You can find The Young, Wild & Free Shop on Facebook and Instagram. But where do you purchase these natural organic products, visit there Etsy store! (If you are a resident of Victoria, a pick up arrangement can be made so no shipping fees!)

Let’s jump into the products I reviewed.



I soaked in Lavender Bath Salts (I have a new obsession with lavender) after a long run and oh my goodness! It was heavenly. The soothing smell of lavender, gently told my brain to shut off and my body followed suit. My muscles started to relax and next thing I knew it had been an hour!  I didn’t use a lot of salts, maybe a tablespoon. Less is more!

This would be great for anyone who enjoys or need to relax, or a because I love you and you need a nice little treat gift!

The bath salts are made from pure sea salt and infused with your choice of lemon, peppermint or lavender. $10 CAD for a 210ml  jar of relaxation.




You know I love my lipsticks, lip gloss and of course chap stick! Even better Lemon Peppermint  Chap Stick. This is a refreshing treat for your lips. Great to keep in the car, bring to the beach or just to take a break from your busy day.

This chap stick is made from  raw organic unpasteurized beeswax  from VANCOUVER ISLAND! As well as coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oil – in this case lemon peppermint.

Your lips have the choice of lemon mint, chocolate mint, orange, lemon and peppermint. $4 CAD for happy lips.



As a Mum, coffee isn’t always made for me in the morning and I have to get my butt in gear so that the day goes, smoothly. To help me out in the mornings, I’ve been using Awake Spray! I just give your sense a little pick me up. It’s refreshing and light. I like it, my daughter loves it. She now uses it as part of her morning routine. She dances under the mist.

The Awake spray is made up of witch hazel, distilled water, bergamot, grapefruit and peppermint essential oils.

This 50ml bottle of energizing goodness can you be yours for $12 CAD.



I have saved the best for last. Oh ladies and gentlemen… this, this is so amazing, Orange Infused Honey.

As a kid, when I had to take a pill, I had troubles swallowing them, so my Mum would grin them up and put it in honey. I was turned off honey for YEARS…until now. I sat in my kitchen with a spoon and the honey jar, just eating it! Me, a non honey lover, now loves honey!

It’s so light and it just melts on your tongue. You don’t taste the orange right away, but when you do, its a delightful surprise. With the honey that I had left, I put some in my tea – so good! I put some on my peanut butter – a wonderful match peanut butter and honey. I put some on the spoon again and just ate it!

This mouth watering jar of honey is only $14 CAD for 210ml and comes in 3 yummy flavours, orange, lavender and lemon!


The Young, Wild and Free store has so many amazing products. A variety of roll-ons, a yoga mat spray, Chemical free bug repellant, and this is SUCH a great idea New Mom Survival Box. Go check out there store, there is something for everyone!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I had so much fun reviewing all these awesome products. I’m going to go and see if I can get anymore honey out of the jar… might have to order some more!

xoxo Ashley

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