Long Live Birthdays


Birthdays aren’t about presents and cake. While both are fun and delicious, birthdays are about family, friends, the growth of family and experience. It’s a whole day to celebrate you!!!

They are to share love and happiness. If you think about it, birthdays are a lot like weddings. Party. Food. Making memories.

My daughter turned 3 years old this week! 3!!!! Can you believe it! I can’t. We celebrated her birthday with  her friends and our family. It was a great day!

WOW! I have a 3 year old daughter.!!! Ahhh. When did this happen?   OK, I know when it happened, I just can’t believe I’ve been a Mum for 3 years. Time has flown by so quickly.

I am so very grateful for all of our friends and family who always help to make these celebrations so memorable. For making my daughter feel so loved. I feel so lucky that my daughter gets to grow up being close to her family and that she has made such an amazing group of friends. A mother couldn’t ask for more.

I love birthdays. I love everyone’s birthday. Celebrating life. Celebrating another year the parents have survives parenthood. It’s not another year older, it’s another year wiser. I am a firm believer that you are only as old as you feel. Birthdays are magical, what’s not to celebrate.

cake my little pony

I am the type of person who wants to make everyone smile, especially on there birthday. Weather it be with a cup of coffee, a walk in the park, a bottle of wine or a lovely conversation. Everyone deserves to celebrate there youth, whether it be with a party or treating yourself to a hot cup of coffee and a good book.

When I had my first child, I called my Mum on the regular, apologizing all the time. “I’m sorry for never sleeping, or listening”. I didn’t realize the effort she went through to make my birthday parties so amazing. To create magical changing coloured drinks. To have works of art for cakes. I remember watching my Mum make the coolest goodies bags for my friends. But I know why she did it, it wasn’t a requirement, it was because she loved me.

Between you and me, my Mum still does some of these things for my birthday and I’m going to be 30 this year. I guess it doesn’t matter how old I am, she still wants to make my birthday amazing.

3 birthday cards

My daughter had such a great time at her party! She didn’t have a meltdown either (YIPPY!). I have always loved birthdays, but being a Mum, they are so much better now. I not only get to celebrate my daughter’s birth but the person she is becoming. That strong, determined, independent girl that she is. I beam with pride and excitement for her, because of her.


xoxo Ashley
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One thought on “Long Live Birthdays

  1. The clock is running for everybody…sometimes faster than we expect…and the only thing that matters in life are the moments we live and the memories we keep 🌷🌷🌷

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