Even A Goddess Runs


Last weekend I ran a 10K race. This one wasn’t like any other run though. Life happened in the middle of training, so I didn’t exactly keep up with training.

Kids hadn’t been sleeping, which translates to me not sleeping. Staying up late finishing up birthday party details. Learning about Arbonne. Spending time with my husband. The last month has been so busy. All of this means, no early morning runs.

My girlfriend was also running. We had to talk each other up to even show up. We showed up and it was extremely hot at 9:00 a.m. This run was going to make me work for it.


This was the hardest run I have ever done. I have done ‘Canada’s Hardest 10K’ and compared to that, this was difficult. The heat was a killer, the water stations ran out of water. The course was mentally challenging because it was a run there and back, then run over there and back. You are constantly seeing the people in front of you. It’s a challenge mentally.

This was the hardest run I’ve ever done both physically and mentally. Heat does crazy and dangerous things to you, but it did challenge me. I ran 10K in 30 degree weather. Now, if you’re not from here, meaning Vancouver Island, 30 degrees any time of year is unheard of. So to hit these hot temperatures at the beginning of June is ludarics. I won’t ever run in that type of heat again.


My motivations!

Motivations on runs can be hard to hold on to, or sometimes even hard to find. It was really hard to keep going, but all the cheery people standing on the roads shouting encouragement! The people who were standing in the streets spraying all the runners as they passed by or having sprinklers set up! Having your truck parked along side the route, pumping some tunes! Seeing friendly faces along the way. All of these things kept me going!

To keep going was, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, it was hard. My brain and body were working over time. It was a constant battle.

“Keep going!”
“Give up. You can go sit in the shade.”
“Maybe just walk for a moment. You’re seeing spots”
“Lets move it”
“Seriously, give up. It’s too hot. Give up and go to the lake.”
“Left foot, right foot”

I finished the run. It was really difficult, but I did it! Not in record breaking time (1 hour 18 minutes), but I finished.


This was one of those races that was on my bucket list and now I can cross it off. YAY! June is off to an excellent start.


The only way to recover from a 10K run.

xoxo Ashley
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