Motherhood Isn’t Easy, But It Sure Is Rewarding!

motherhood isn't easy but it's rewarding

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We all have bad days, we all have moments of mass emotional explosions, we all need time to ourselves. The little ones don’t always understand that.

The biggest problems for a toddler is miss matched socks, a broken toy, a ‘mean’ kid pushed them on the playground, an ear infection that comes overnight, or they put there shoe on the wrong foot. All of these problems can be fixed with a hug, a snuggle and possibly antibiotics. But a parent can fix them all.

Yes, there are days when everyone is in tears by the time Daddy comes home, and Mommy needs to be alone because she has been climbed on, screamed at and puked on all day. Those moments of silence and being alone have never looked so good. But because I choose to be upfront about these emotions and event, doesn’t mean I don’t love my children, it just means that I need a moment too!

The days I want to ripe my hair out because of frustration. I clench my jaw so tight, it feels like my teeth are going to get chipped or fall out. I hide in the bathtub so my kids don’t see me cry because I feel like the worth mother in the world.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in these feelings. No matter how put together someone appears to be, or how disorganized they are, we are all going through the same thing. We are all experiencing the same mothering experience – we just show it differently.

Now when I’m out in public and I see a mother crying, screaming or I recognize that look of ‘I’m about 2 seconds way from loosing my shit’ in her eyes. I try to help. Hold the door open for her, maybe steady the cart so she can get her kids in/out. Little acts of kindness like this are very much appreciated!!!! I know that I don’t always accept help when I really need it or want it because I don’t want to appear weak. But someone holding the door open for me, I will always say thank you.

The bad days are bad yes, BUT the good days are GREAT!!! Those little moments when your child does something for the first time, or they are so proud that they finally figured out how to finish that puzzle they have been working on. The best moments are when you get those little arms wrapped around your neck, those are the best hugs EVER! Or when that little voice comes up behind you,  “Mommy, you’re my best friend!”. Gah! Heart melts every time. Tucking in your little one into bed, “Good Night Mommy, I love you!”. All of the tough days, where wine is required, make it totally worth it.

xoxo Ashley

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2 thoughts on “Motherhood Isn’t Easy, But It Sure Is Rewarding!

  1. Being a mum is the most diffcult job in the world and admitting that sometimes it really sucks just means you’re doing it right because you’re the one giving it everything!

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