Guest Post: The Lovely Lisa

I am so excited to present my guest  blogger today, the Lovely Ms. Lisa. This girl kept me sane and laughing in the work place. We both have since moved on from that company but we kept in touch.

I was living vicariously through her as she traveled the world, and continues to do so.

Be sure to visit her over at Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Tails to keep up with her and her travels.

Knowing when you need to ask for help can be one of the most difficult things you could ever do.

There can be many reasons why a person won’t ask for help. You don’t want to burden them, or it can be extremely scary and you can see yourself as a failure or weak, but it does not make you wake or a failure it makes you human and knowing when you need to ask for help makes you that much wiser and stronger (remember you are not a robot or an android and if you are, … well you where programmed by humans so suck it up).

Life is not, or meant to be easy, it is a horribly wonderful adventure where you learn, fail, learn, fail and learn from your failures and sometimes you will succeed.


There are different types of situations for asking for example,
* Not knowing you need to ask for help
* Does not admit to self that you need help but it is blatantly obvious
* Knowing you need to ask for help but refuse, just being stubborn
* You’re terrified to ask for help

I know for myself I like to hoard all the work that should technically be covered by 3 people and then get overwhelmed with the load and forget to ask for more help or to pass it on to someone else, and just ignore the fact that I need the help.

As I am writing this blog and the reason why I am writing it, I am contemplating about going and seeking help for another issue, one that is causing me harm. But there is a voice in my head saying that you are perfectly fine, you don’t need to seek out help, why make yourself look the fool, like you are an attention seeking whore. I constantly think just tell a friend they will help you but then the other voice speaks up again saying that they can’t help you, they will pass it off like it is nothing and you are just being a drama queen. So what do you do when your mind is at a constant battle? Well for me it was having a bloody Panic Attack. I recommend not doing that, not a good experience.

Find a way to face that fear and overcome it; don’t blur it, don’t ignore it. Ignoring that you need help can be a very dangerous thing and can make things a lot worse.

First thing you need to do is tell yourself is that you do need help and don’t try and talk yourself out of it. Find someone that you are able to talk too. It can be anyone; a coworker, boss, doctor or a trusted friend.

Take time to think about what you need to tell them and be honest. If you are not honest with them, then you are not going to get the help that you need.

And remember asking for help does not make you look like a fool, or weak, or an idiot, and if someone does make you feel like that then just walk away and find someone else. You don’t need to deal with someone like that.

Asking for help and getting it can be extremely freeing, so please don’t be afraid or so stubborn to ask.



One thought on “Guest Post: The Lovely Lisa

  1. Ashley, thanks for introducing us to Lisa. Lisa, I love this post. One thing I’ve learned: If you prioritize your to-do list, you can pick off the things lower to delegate, and concentrate on the big ones. I hope to read you again soon!

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