Dining Alone, It Wasn’t So Bad

My husband is a master at dining alone. He has no problems doing so. He travels for a living so I suppose you’d have to get use to eating alone. He is always telling me about his experiences and the people he interacts with and I’m jealous. He gets to have these amazing adventures. I remember one adventure he had in, I believe San Francisco, he walked into a restaurant/pub type establishment, sat down and opened his laptop. Well, he had the most amazing service ever. They thought he was a Food Critic. I thought, damn, I want to try that. So I did. I ventured out on my Mother’s Day Getaway Gift and I dined alone.

My husband can dine aline with confidence, but me, I’m terrified to do so. What will people think? What would I do with myself? What would I do if I received a sympathetic look from someone? Why is it so socially ‘weird’ to eat in public alone?

Dining alone is one of those things on my fear list.

When I was in my early 20’s you would never have caught me dinning alone. I was very insecure and unsure of myself to do so. I cared way more than I should have what people thought of me. Why is that girl walking in alone? Did she get stood up? Does she not have anyone? I guess that’s the beauty of growing up, you stop giving a shit what people think of you. And what a liberating feeling it is.

dining out 2.jpg

I went to the Beagle Pub on Cook St. in this beautiful city of mine. Super friendly staff. I watched as they treated the regulars like family. To be honest, this made me feel a little bit more at ease. The food was amazing and the beer hit the spot!

I sat down and I pondered over the menu. I didn’t have to share with kids, so I didn’t have to worry about eating it with one hand or sharing. I could order ANYTHING I wanted. Guess what, I even ordered a beer! Yup, a beer. Such a rebel.

dining alone 1

When I first walked in to the pub, alone, I was a little scared. Ahhh, people are looking at me! What do I do? I’ll tell you what I did, I stood up a little straighter, held my head up and smiled. I realized, I didn’t care what they thought, if they were even thinking anything at all! I bet you it was all in my head.

I sat and watch people come in and some were like me and never been here before, others knew everyone in the place. It felt great to be in an adult environment. No one trying to eat all my food. No one was screaming at me or asking for jam and bread instead of the food that’s right in front of her.

I feel more secure about myself. I can walk into a place and not feel awkward (for long), order food and beer, enjoy it and walk out AWESOME! Eating alone in a restaurant was a pretty awesome experience. I HIGHLY recommend everyone trying it. It’s liberating.

Then again maybe I’m just grateful to be alone for a little while.

xoxo Ashley
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One thought on “Dining Alone, It Wasn’t So Bad

  1. The pro move is to put a DSLR camera and a Macbook Pro on the table, open up the Mac and do some writting. Not even about the restaurant. Those are the core tools of the trade of any food critic from the pros to the yelpers. You will find a service bump everywhere you go.

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