At Some Point It Happens To Everyone

Story Book

Photo Credit: Storybook Story via Google

It’s story time folks.

A mother of two was looking at her list of things to do this week, and it was a busy one at that. It was a beautiful day out, so she thought that maybe she could pick up a birthday gift and then swing by the park for her kids on the way home. She shared her plan to her oldest, as the youngest didn’t understand the word, ‘park’.

“If you are good in the store, we will go to the park on the way home.” Her daughter jumped with cheer.

They walked to the store with no troubles. It was a nice sunny day and there was a slight breeze in the air. It was perfect!

“Now remember, if you’re good in the store we can go to the park. The 3 times rule applies, if I have to tell you 3 times, we won’t be going to that park.”

The mother steps into the store with her children. One child on her hip and the other holding her hand. The little girl asked if she could  let go of the mothers hand. Now typically the mother would have said no, but she needed her one hand to inspect items. So she let go.


“Please don’t touch things. Remember what I said earlier.” the mother said very calmly but stern.

3 minutes pass.
Touch. Touch. Touch.

“What did I say! Do not touch anything. These are for looking. Only Mommy can touch right now.”

The little girl listened. She followed her mother around the store, not touching anything.

This would be a great way for the story to end… but this tale doesn’t end with a well behaved little girl, who got to go to the park. No, that would be too predictable.



The little girl took down a whole display! The display feel into her mother, her little brother and another smaller display.

The mother was so upset because the little girl didn’t listen, it was the first time that the mother felt disappointment towards her daughter. It wasn’t something she wanted to get use to. The mother checked the baby, he was startled but fine. The little girl was sobbing, tears streaming down her face because she knew that she was in trouble, and she knew that she wouldn’t get to go to the park.

The mother wanted to get out of the store as fast as possible. She thought about saying she would come back later or try to go in with out the kids, but there wasn’t enough time to do so this week. She grabbed the little girls hand and did not let go. The mother paid for the items and dashed out of the store, feeling embarrassed and wondering if she has apologized enough to the store clerk.

She loaded the kids back in the stroller, not saying a word. She just held her head high and started walking.

The little girl noticed they passed the park. She started screaming, thrashing, kicking and crying. It was horrible. This mother thought, ‘How did this happen? How did I become ‘that’ mother?’ She didn’t try to calm her daughter, she let her scream. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Once they got home and the little girl calmed down, the two had a conversation. There were hugs and kisses. They were understanding. The little girl said sorry to her Mum and the Mum said sorry to the little girl.

The moral of the story is, things happen that are out of your control. Sometimes you need to count to 50 before you can open your mouth. There are embarrassing moments during parenthood, your kids will remember how you react, so take a moment to think about how you react because that will last forever.

you already are one

Photo Credit: Storybook Story via Google

xoxo Ashley



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