DIY Superhero Canvas Art

DIY superhero canvas art may 10 (2)

My son seems to gravitate towards superhero toys. I know, he’s only 6 months old but seriously he has a little Superman doll and he would rather hold and play with that, than a car or a geometric toy. What’s a mother to do… well give her son a little superhero piz-zazz!!!

diy superhero canvas may 10 (3)

Is it in little boys DNA to go through a superhero phase? I’m starting to think so.

He doesn’t have a real ‘theme’ in his room. Sadly, it’s half his room and have a storage room. I must say, I am doing a good job of making it his own space… slowly. What’s that saying, ‘Slow and steady wins the race!’

I’ve been searching for posters and pillows, little things to make it superhero-ish. The things I’ve found were so expensive, like WOW! People pay that. Not this Mama, I got a little creative.

The great thing about this DIY is it’s cheap and anyone can do it.

You will need:
– pencil
– canvas (I purchases my canvas from Michales – 7 pack for $16.99)
– paint (I’m using Marta Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint)
– brushes

  1. Pick your superhero logo. Draw it on the canvas or trace it. I will admit, a couple of the canvas I had to trace. Try and go as light as you can with the pencil, the lines may show up through certain colour superhero canvas may 10 (1)
  2. Start painting. Don’t forget to paint the sides of the canvas. I think it looks more superhero canvas may 10
  3. Hang your master piece. Ta-da! Superhero art!diy superhero canvas (4)

The great thing about this DIY is it’s actually cheaper to make it yourself than it is to purchase a complete piece.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY of the month. I certainly had fun painting them.

xoxo Ashley

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