Keeping Up

I have been having a hard time keeping up with life. Keeping up with two kids, the house and also trying to have some sort of social life, outside of kids. It’s a lot, it may not sound like a lot but it is. Kids in it’s self is like having 2 full times jobs. But trying to have a social life is worth it to keep my sanity in check.

I keep writing blog posts that only get half done and then one of the kids ask for food- which is an hourly show that happens every hour. Or I need to write a post and I fall asleep. Or I want to paint a picture but I know I should prep the kids bags for the next day so I’m not so rushed in the morning. I absolutley LOVE being a Mum, love it. However, there are some days that I wish I could sit and read a book. Paint a picture. Sit in silence. Watch a TV show that isn’t animated – that has swear words and inappropriate behaviour in it.

I’ve been struggling to keep up with it all. To be honest, I think thats normal. But none the less I am still struggling, I feel that I’m a couple steps behind when I spend half an hour doing something that I enjoy doing. It become a moral dilemma. House work or me time.

So I came up with a plan. Did the plan and put it into motion.

Rather than fighting with myself, house work or something I enjoy, I set up a schedule. 2 days a week during nap time, oh that precious nap time, it’s my time. Screw the dishes, leave the laundry, it can wait. I paint, or write or read or sit and enjoy a cup of Earl Grey. 2 days a week I do something for me and it is devine!!!!!!

Everyone, and I mean everyone needs time to themselves. Ever if it’s 30 minutes to sit in silence to regain sanity. If you’re a CEO of a major company, or a STHM, everyone needs some time.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and WOW! my mood has improved immensely. I smile more, yell less. I giggle more and sleep better. I get to create art again. I am learning new things. I started taking one of classes for painting. I am even looking into taking a soap making class. How cool is that!

I am constantly growing as a person and trying to be a better Mum, and I think it’s working!

xoxo Ashley
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