Funny ‘HaHa’ or Funny In A Couple Years?

funny haha or funny in  a year

Funny thing happened the other day, but I’m still not sure if it’s ‘ha ha’ funny or, ‘oh yea in a couple years that will be funny’ funny.

*for the sake of the other person in this story I will refer to them as Q* For those who know the person, please keep there identity to yourself, much appreciated.

My daughter and I went out for lunch with a couple people and Q a couple weeks ago, as we usually do to catch up every so often. My daughter, being the social butterfly that she is wanted to visit everyone. “Mommy, can I go sit with Q.” Yes, if Q is OK with that. Scarlett went and sat with Q and spoke about her swimming lessons, the garden she has been helping with and her brother. I for sure thought that my observant daughter would mention the obvious, but she didn’t.

Lunch carried on.

The chatter continued, the tea was drank and the bill came. Scarlett wanted to push Q in the wheelchair back to the car. Yes, Q was in a wheelchair. Scarlett though it was pretty neat. Being two you don’t fully grasp everything, you just take it at face value. Cool, a chair that moves. I want one!. 

We get to the parking lot and Scarlett goes and gives Q a hug, when she notices that Q is missing a leg. She took a step back and with out skipping a beat, “Oh no! We forgot your leg. I’ll go get it”.  Kids! They say the most honest things! No one laughed, no one really knew how to react. Q replied, “That’s why they call me hop-along!”  Good thing Q has a sense of humor.

Scarlett wasn’t going to let this go though, she started to look behind the wheelchair, under the car, in her backpack. She was looking for Q’s missing leg. I thought, that is so sweet. I also thought, man I hope no one else notices what she is doing. But everyone did. It’s always sort of awkward to talk about the elephant in the room. Q did not have a leg. Q didn’t seem to want to talk about it, so we never did. That didn’t stop Scarlett though. “Where is it? Where is it Mommy?” She was worried and very concerned.

We said our good-byes and home we went.

In the car, Scarlett continued to ask where Q’s leg was. I was trying to think of a very simplified answer so that a 2 year old would understand. She wasn’t going to understand words like diabetes, clogged, veins, circulation, etc.. So I took the facts in my head and started to replaced them with words she would understand. Yay, look at me being a smart Mum. Well… this is what ended up coming out of my mouth. “Sweetie, Q doesn’t have a leg because Q didn’t eat fruits and vegetables.” Yes, I just traumatized my child. The minute I spoke those words out loud, I wanted to take them back. It would have been easier to use the words she didn’t understand or just changed the subject. Nope, instead I basically told her that if she didn’t eat her fruits and veggies she would loose her leg too.


So you see why I’m not exactly sure what level of ‘funny’ this is.

xoxo Ashley

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One thought on “Funny ‘HaHa’ or Funny In A Couple Years?

  1. You don’t know what reaction you’ll get until you say it! It goes this way socially, and it goes this way with our kids. The best we can hope for is a follow-up conversation – next week, or in six years!

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