10 Tips When Running With A Double Stroller

double stroller kids mt buggy

If you’re like me, you run when you can. I run with a 2008 Mountain Buggy Stroller (which I absolutley love by the way). It’s a work out to just get the kids bundled up and into the stroller. It’s a bonus if they are still happy and willing to go.

It is no easy task running with a stroller, let alone a double. My daughter is 30 lbs, my son is 16 lbs, then the stroller it’s self is approximately 80 lbs. Like I said, no easy task. But I love it.

double stroller sunny day

Here are a couple tips and suggestions I have learnt while running with a double stroller.

  1. If you can, run without the stroller. It’s not always an option, it’s not always possible to leave the munchkins at home. We do what we can do.
  2. Sidewalks are NOT your friend, I tend to run down groomed  gravel trails or the Galloping Goose. The Goose is a mostly paved trail that runs from Sooke to downtown Victoria and at some point forks off and goes out to Sidney.
  3. Don’t worry about your pace. Just get out there and run. You are pushing a lot of weight, you don’t want to injure your self.
  4. Do your shorter runs with the babes. Leave the longer run for when your partner is home.
  5. I HIGHLY recommend feeding the kids BEFORE you go for your run. Much less whining and complaining.
  6. Check the buckles. Twice. You don’t want one of the little munchkins sliding out.
  7. Don’t bring the full diaper bag. Bring a couple diapers, wipes and a snack/bottle.
  8. I found it very difficult to run with headphones, with the kids. I always feel like I am taking them off anyways because I thought I heard one of the kids yelling or crying.
  9. Forget the freaking blankets. When I only had one child and we went for run/walk, of course I wanted to keep her warm. Blankets are so evil, SO EVIL. They get tossed out, they fall, get dirty, wet. They are a major pain in the ass. Look into getting something like the Bundle Me by JJ Cole. There are much cheaper versions (ex. Wal Mart brand).
  10. We usually end our run at the park. Give the kids a chance to run around and burn some energy. Gives you a chance to stretch out.

Get out and do what you can do. A run is a run, a walk is a walk, no matter the distance!

double stroller green mt buggy

xoxo Ashley

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