Oh, The Possibilities

My daughter loves to watch music videos. Yes, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, The Biebes. But she also loves the 2Cellos and a beautiful violinist, a Canadian gal by the name of Lindsey Stirling. She studies the dances, she is understanding the timing of things now. She is absolutely adorable – I could be a wee bit biased.

Scarlett was dancing around, watching intently as this beautiful violinist twirled around, elegantly playing her violin, making sure that she gets the moves just right. Then she would stop and make a comment – ‘looks at me’ or ‘she’s so pretty’ or ‘she’s fancy!’

Again Mommy, again.

I want the world for my daughter. I want to give her every opportunity to do what ever she wants. If she wants to be a farmer, or dancer, or a scholar or a welder, what ever it is, I want her to have every opportunity. Of course I want the same for me son. Don’t all parents want there children to go further than they did in life?

I got very emotional, sitting there watching this music video, holding my daughters hand as she twirls. Will she be a dancer? She does love it so or is this a little girls love for dancing in a childish state. I thought of all the things, good things that could happen for her. I thought of her first love, her first loose tooth, the first time she ties her shoe, and tears welled up in my eyes. In this moment, she is happy.

Isn’t being a parent a funny business. You stop thinking about yourself, you think about your children first. You look at the shoes you are wearing and wondering, how much longer before I need new shoes vs my kids? Or that’s a cute top, that’s formula for a week. You don’t think of things like you use to. Your kids come first.

You see a little girl twirling, laughing and smiling and you want to just wrap it in a bubble, and keep it. When they grow older and start to doubt themselves, you can bring out that bubble and show them that anything is possible.


xoxo Ashley

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