I’ve Gotten Raise! Parenting Milestones

Parenting Milestones

When you are in the work force, you get raises, to show how good of a job you are doing (well in most jobs). You are told by your superior, manager, boss, whom ever -“Excellent job on the Smith report”. Sure you have bad days too but you are rewarded with a raise, a bonus or a pat on the back.

In parenting you don’t necessarily get a raise in the form of money, a bonus might be an extra 10 minutes of sleep and a pat on the back may be a nice painted hand print. All of these are OK, in fact they are great. You feel toddler appreciation.

Here are some parenting milestones that might as well be considering a raise!

  1. Potty Trained. No more diapers. Not only is this a raise in the sense that you don’t have to change there diaper a couple hundred times a day BUT you always don’t have to spend money on diapers anymore. Or wash the cloth diapers if you’ve gone that route. They are becoming a little bit more grown up, they are doing what the adults are doing! You don’t have to fight with them on the change table or get poop all in your hair.
  2. Dressing themselves! My daughter can put on her shirt, pants and socks all by herself. WOOHOO!!!!!! Sometimes I still help her, but do you know how much time this saves. Oh my goodness.  Sure her outfit doesn’t necessarily match, but I don’t really care. She dressed herself! Proud day for this Mama. Putting on there shoes, coat, hats, gloves (OK we’re working on putting our gloves on still – those fingers are tricky), PJ’s
  3. Feeding themselves. OH. MY. GOD! This is such a great day. You don’t have to hold there bottle for them, don’t have to spoon feed them. They are becoming little people, and you know what that means Mum’s, you get to eat your meal with TWO HANDS… well maybe not the whole meal but parts. It’s progress.
  4. Clearing away there dishes. This is a new one in our house hold. My daughter sees that after dinner, Mommy and Daddy clear the dishes away. Now she will walk her dishes into the kitchen and put them in the sink. WHAT!!!!! I was so flipping proud when this started happening. I didn’t even have to tell her to do it.

My daughter has been giving me raises left right and centre lately. She is potty trained, she can dress herself, she is using a fork like a champ, and dishes go in the sink! She is just awesome. I am so proud of the little girl she has become.

xoxo Ashley

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